How to draw in boxes in the notebook

Many people like drawing, only not every person boasts a high level of mastery of this art. Even if the work turns out to be unsuccessful, it is not necessary to give up your favorite activity. Try to join the drawing in the cells.

At first glance, it will seem that this activity is too simple and suitable only for children. This is a delusion, because such creativity has several levels of complexity. The initial level involves the creation of primitive figures, and the complex is based on the use of small cells and numerous color transitions to create the most complex compositions.

Useful tips for beginners

Drawing pencils

Drawing in cells is gaining popularity, because the creation of "pixel images" like novice artists of different age categories.

I will share with some useful tips that will help in acquiring the necessary skills, choosing materials and selecting schemes for creating amazing drawings.

  • To create a cell drawing you will need a notebook, a set of markers or pencils. The composition creation algorithm is simple - the pattern is obtained by alternately painting the cells. This method helps to transfer a fairytale character, a beautiful landscape, an intricate ornament, a animal or a person to a sheet of paper.
  • There is no generally accepted drawing tactics. Masters are advised to draw from top to bottom or from right to left, gradually forming a drawing. In the case of rounded objects, it is permissible to move to the side of the visual center of the created object.
  • For people who do not have experience in this area, it is recommended to use a notebook with large or medium cells at the initial stage. As skills are acquired, the transition to creating complex schemes based on a large number of cells is welcomed.
  • If you are ready to master the art, start with a simple option. Search the Internet for ready-made composition and transfer it to paper. On the Internet a lot of galleries, consisting of drawings of varying complexity.

This drawing technique allows you to draw everything: pets, plants, people, technology and architecture, cartoon characters or movie characters. The choice of an object is limited by the artist’s imagination.

Even if there is no talent, with the help of this technique you can reproduce the object you like on paper. Another drawing in the cell - an activity for people who are bored. And if this is done together, it turns out a great family hobby.

Popular cell drawing options

Photo of colored pencils


Bears, dolphins, pets and other representatives of the animal world are ideal for creating pixel drawings. Why animals? The answer is simple - these are the best and closest friends of mankind.

At the initial stage, I recommend using ready-made schemes that will help you master the technique of creating pixel drawings. To make it clearer, watch this video.


Drawing a favorite meal is easy. For this, it is enough to copy a sample, a set of markers or pencils, a blank sheet of paper. Guided by the sample, count the rows and columns of cells and alternately paint them in the appropriate color.

If the sample is complex, showing patience and attentiveness, you will create a copy of your favorite delicacy, whether it be a banana or apple pie, in just half an hour. It is important not to be mistaken in the calculations, and in the future will be able to create still lifes. Help in the work will be here such a video instruction.


Pupils decorate notebooks with various patterns. We are talking about ornaments, pixel artwork and intertwined colored pigtails. Graphic images help beautifully decorate the fields of notebooks, highlight an event in a diary or add colors to a notebook.

Over the years, many patterns of patterns and patterns have been created, differing in technique of execution, weaving method and color range. Everyone will choose for themselves the appropriate option, and this video will help you to get acquainted with drawing patterns in the cells.

What else can you draw in the cells in the notebook

Children draw in boxes

Beginning artists fit simple images. The more experienced masters have more opportunities to implement the ideas. They can draw a detailed image of a man in full growth, a figurine of a bird or an animal in detail.

At a later stage of development, you can create three-dimensional images. The flat image is converted into a 3D shape due to the correct selection of colors and the use of shadows when painting.

Practice shows that drawing in the cells has much in common with cross-stitch embroidery. And if you cut the original and beautiful picture, you will get a wonderful applique or element for decorating a greeting card. Even in the interior such handicraft looks gorgeous.

Creativity is a useful occupation that brings great aesthetic pleasure, develops imagination, improves attention and has a positive effect on mathematical thinking. This exercise calms the nerves and relieves psychological stress.

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It should be noted that drawing in cells is a formidable weapon against hyperactivity in a restless child. On this dignity I want to focus the attention of moms. Through this activity, you will ease your lot and help your child develop.

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