How to draw jake

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How to draw jake

“Adventure Time” is an American animated series about the extraordinary yellow dog Jake and his friend and part-time stepbrother Finn. Each time, friends are waiting for incredible adventures in the wizarding world, they help the inhabitants of their country and fight evil. Funny dog ​​has the ability to stretch your body to any size. In this article we will describe. how to draw a little mutant Jake and his bosom friend Finn the Fellow.

We draw Jake in stages

  • We start drawing the hero from the face: we draw an oval nose, round eyes, mouth, tongue and teeth;
  • Paint the nose with a darker color. Also denoted pupils;
  • Draw the body. First, the lower part of the body in the form of a parabola, then the upper. Do not forget to draw ears;Jake
  • We attach arms and legs to the body;
  • If possible, you can gently erase the joints of the lines on the legs and left hand;
  • If desired, color the dog yellow and the tongue red.

We draw merry Jake

  • We start drawing a character with a muzzle.To begin with, let's draw a nose in the form of an oval, closed eyes and teeth;
  • Next, draw the body. It should come in the form of a curved ball of irregular shape;
  • Then we draw Jake's hands, which are directed up to the left, and legs, one of which is bent. These elements are drawn as simple lines;
  • At the feet and hands drew the legs. We draw ears and brows;
  • Paint the whole body in yellow, and paint the nose in black. Teeth do not touch, leave white.

Drawing Jake is very simple, as the drawing consists mainly of simple lines. The coloring of the hero also does not take much time.

Drawing Finn the Fellow - Jake's loyal friend, is also not difficult.

We draw Finn

  • We start drawing from the head. To do this, draw an oval, mark the eyes with dots and draw a mouth in the form of a smile. The mouth is close to the eyes;Finn
  • Next, we draw the rectangular body of the boy, on top of the body we draw two small ears;
  • Separate the head from the body with a curved line;
  • We draw Finn's shorts and legs, sleeves;
  • We draw hands in the form of arcs, the upper part of the shoes - in the form of a ring;
  • We finish hands, fingers;
  • Paint over shoes in black;
  • We color the hero with colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints to your taste.

If you manage to bring these simple drawings to life, then be sure to try to draw the dragon Jake Long.

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