How to draw Smesharikov?

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How to draw Smesharikov?

Smeshariki - one of the most popular cartoon characters of recent years. Cartoons about Smeshariki are watched not only by children, but also by many adults. In this article we will tell you how to draw smeshariki. For example, take the rabbit (or, maybe, the hare) Krosh, as one of the most popular characters.

How to draw smeshariki step by step

Drawing our pencil Krosh we for your convenience, divided into several stages. So, take a pencil and a piece of paper in your hand and make yourself comfortable.

  1. In order to portray the head of our hero, draw a circle. As you know, the body of the Smeshariki as such does not exist, therefore our task is greatly simplified. Now we add additional details to the circle. In our case, these will be the ears of the future Krosh.
  2. At this stage, we need to draw a crumb front legs. They need to be placed just below the center of the circle, to the right and left of it symmetrically. Paws should be very short and by the end expand - in the place where the palm will be.Now draw the fingers on the paws. The hind legs or legs should only have a foot and they are drawn at the very bottom close to each other. Socks should look in different directions.
  3. In the center of the face draw the eyes of our bunny. Eyes should be located close to each other and at the same time be somewhat asymmetrical. Now draw a small circle between your eyes - a small nose. Next, draw a line from the nose down and then a wide line of the mouth, which can be given any expression - from sadness to a smile. Under the line of the mouth draw two front teeth, which can also be made asymmetric.
  4. It remains for us to finish some details and our bunny is ready. We are painting the Crumb small pupils - arrange them in such a way that the smesharik will look where you want, therefore at first it is best to lightly outline them. Eyebrows draw short and slightly raised. That's all!

As you can see, it is quite simple to draw a smesharik - you only need to observe certain proportions so that our animals resemble real smeshariki heroes. If you want to draw other smeshariki, then the principle of drawing will be the same, only, of course, some details on the head and the shape of the paws will change.

For example, Nyusha will need to add a pigtail and ears on the side above, as well as four hooves, Losyosh - branchy horns, a wide nose that looks like a big drop, and also hooves, but a bit different. Pinu we draw glasses, wings and beak, and Kar Karychu - wings of a different shape, wings like paws, a wide beak, bird's paws and a bow tie on his chest. Finally, the Hedgehog needs to draw glasses and prickles around, and Barash needs horns, wool and hooves.

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