How to dress for school?

Hello. Schoolboy you or a parent, it will be useful for you to learn how to get dressed in school.

If your school does not use a school uniform system, then it is somewhat difficult to advise here. I would just like to advise you to choose the form, if there is such an opportunity, the most comfortable one, and also not to skimp on good shoes, because in schools children have a huge amount of diseases associated, one way or another, with incorrectly chosen or low-quality shoes.

I propose to conditionally divide this material into several sub-themes: clothing, and, well, style, respectively, for elementary classes (from first to fourth), for middle (from fifth to eighth grade) and for high school (from ninth grade). I deliberately assigned the status of “senior” to the ninth grade, due to the fact that at this age, more often than not, young people show some changes in style.

Primary School

So, dressing a child in elementary school should pay attention to the quality of clothes and much less on her style. Stop being glamorous moms who show off in front of each other.Such irresponsibility will affect the health of your child. Choose high-quality and child-friendly clothing and shoes. It is very important that the child is not annoyed with clothes, and was as comfortable as possible for him. Let's say a t-shirt with a picture from some popular cartoon will delight a child and not strain you.

An integral part of the wardrobe of the student is a backpack. Again, choose a backpack, not a bag, backpacks evenly put pressure on the back, thus the child does not develop scoliosis, which is the most popular disease among schoolchildren. Come to the store with your child, the benefit is now a huge number of various backpacks that your child will appreciate.

Middle level

How can you get into school as a middle school student? (Remember, from the fifth to the eighth). If, in elementary school, a child looks very little at what he wears, then in middle classes children have a certain need to look stylish and modern. They want to stand out, boys want to look stylish in the eyes of girls and so on. That is why you should also pay attention to the style of clothing that the child chooses. And you can help him with this.Help him with the choice of clothes, in fact, it is not so expensive, especially if it is possible to order clothes from abroad. A good variant of clothes for today is, of course, pants and some kind of shirt or beautiful t-shirt with a print, moreover, this is the very golden mean, relying on which we dress with you.

The need to dress up nicely in a child will begin to manifest itself more actively by the age of 14-15, about the seventh grade. Once again I urge to help with the choice of clothes, because teenagers who know little about fashion and style in general, most often look, well, in fact, stupid. Also there are all sorts of modeling circles. They teach children to be stylish, which, of course, does not hurt a drop.

High school

Well, how fashionable to get dressed in school already being more independent? Here I can advise, as a person who recently graduated from school. In truth, we want to dress beautifully, but it often turns into something incomprehensible, ugly. Most often because adolescents pay their attention to the brand and the price of clothing, which is naturally silly. The emergence of certain youth trends, subcultures, forcing adolescents to make most often stupid and reckless spending.So you need to turn a blind eye to the price and brand, and in truth look for what you like. Even in the markets or in the second hand there is a huge number of beautiful and high-quality things.

A bit of specifics

But how beautiful to dress in school, in principle? As for the younger ones, so for the older ones, everything, in general, of course, is the same. We take beautiful pants, jeans, for example (They are practical, and in a variety of models you can definitely find something for yourself), dress football with some pattern and voila! Although simple, but in fact a universal version of the appearance. If you do not have enough of this, then put on a watch - a fashionable accessory that will transform you for sure!

If you are a girl, and you want to dress more "feminine" or something, then pay attention to some skirts, but do not forget about moral standards: girls in stockings and tall hairpins should not be worn by normal girls, and in school even more so!

That is enough for you to know how to dress in school. And remember: sometimes modestly means beautiful!

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