How to dress properly for a girl?

You can learn how to dress properly anygirl. The modern market of goods allows you to select items depending on the features of the figure and physique and to combine clothes of different styles. It is in these matters that any girl should understand, that clothes not only warmed, but also emphasized her beauty.

How to dress properly for a girl: physique

It's no secret that with the help of clothes you can easilyhide some of the shortcomings of his figure and emphasize dignity. Look at the girls in different photos: how correctly to dress a girl, it will become clear, because you will see how ridiculously the wide robe looks on the low and huge decollete on the lean. We present you with recommendations, following which, the girl will learn how to properly choose clothes for your figure.

How to dress properly full of girls

Most women with lush forms,they want to visually reduce the proportions of their bodies with the help of clothes. It's important not to go to extremes ... Do not wear super tight things that will emphasize fat folds on the sides and excess weight. But it is also not recommended to wear robes of incredible size. So a number of tips on how to dress full of girls:

  • Choose clothes that will fit slightly to the body. But no baggy clothes so you do not seem cumbersome.
  • Do not buy things nuclear color, give preference to calm tones. And no large drawings that visually increase the volume.
  • If you want to hide the fullness of your hips, put ona tunic with an overstated waist and a slightly trapezoidal shape. Also full hips and buttocks look thinner with a fitted jacket in a fine vertical strip to the middle of the thigh, the effect of lengthening the figure is provided!
  • Completeness of the feet will be hidden correctly selectedjeans. Wear jeans in dark colors and classic cuts. They should only tighten their hips, and then freely descend. Pantyhose and stockings are only dark brown or black. Let the skirt be dark and classic, 5 cm below the knee. Do not wear a skirt narrowed to the bottom ("pencil"), so the emphasis will be on the full thighs and disproportionality of the bottom of the figure.
  • Choose clothes for shoes with a heel! We're not talking about a high heel, even a small heel makes the figure longer and slimmer.
  • Try to find a dark woolen dress with an overstated waist. It will perfectly emphasize the reliefs of the figure and hide all that is superfluous.
  • How to properly dress a full girl to emphasize the chest? Let it not merge with the stomach, choose clothes with a deep V-neck. This shape of the breast opening visually lengthens the body.
  • As an accessory, buy long beads.

How to dress properly thin women

Knowing many girls who have notcan gain weight and suffer from bulging ribs, we recommend adhering to the following rules in choosing clothes. Notice, now we are not talking about normal harmony, but about excessive leanness.

  • Do not wear things with a deep neckline on your chest. The neckline of the "boat" shape will look elegant on your slim figure.
  • The mini-skirt and very thin legs do not fit at all the same as the super-tight jeans.
  • Choose feminine things that smooth out the angularity of the figure: straight skirts, trousers with a wide understated belt, bright clothes in a horizontal strip, cage, corduroy dresses with assemblies.

How to dress tall girls properly

A tall girl is the one whose height is above 172 cm. What kind of clothes to pick her up?

  • Horizontal lines and large drawings on things - that's what you need!
  • Of the accessories - large bags, beads and earrings, wide straps. Pay attention, it is important not the number of accessories, but their sizes.
  • Focus on femininity: Dress with a belt at the waist, tight fitting outfits. Do not be afraid to wear shoes with heels. You have a great advantage: comfortable shoes on a flat sole will not make you a small teenager, and shoes with a low heel will give elegance to the image.
  • Remove the cumbersome shape of the skirts and dresses with an inflated waist. They slim and make the figure more accurate.

How to dress properly for little girls

  • As for the figure in the clothes for the low girls, do not choose things in the cage, let it be vertical stripes.
  • The color of the dress must be in the same shade. You should not create a contrast by putting things on different colors at the same time, it will only break the figure to pieces and emphasize the small growth.
  • Buy tight dresses like a "case," a truncated fitted coat instead of short jackets or raincoats on the floor, and, of course, shoes on the heel.

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