How to dress teenagers?

Teenagers are characterized by a desire to stand outfrom the crowd. Hence, there is a desire to dye your hair in bright colors or defiantly dress. Many parents forbid their children to behave this way, but psychologists recommend not to do so. Fashion for teens is a way to be unique, not like everyone else.

In order to understand how teenagers dress,we must remember ourselves at their age. Perhaps you also had a rebellious character and joined the informal movements. Or, on the contrary, they tried to emphasize their femininity or masculinity. Then it will be easier for you to understand the younger generation.


In the youth environment are very popular differentsubculture. They dictate fashion. And the teenager dresses in accordance with the chosen direction. Now, such a fashionable youth movement as thrash has become popular. Their main idea is the denial of any standards. Therefore, adolescents, adherents of this subculture, dress in bright, often incompatible things, pantyhose with holes and worn jeans. A hairstyle and makeup can seem even vulgar. The key way to dress up as a teenage thrash is to choose two completely incompatible things: sneakers and a classic skirt, a ballet tutu and rubber boots and so on. In order to better imagine how teenagers dress, photos in youth glossy magazines will help in this.


In part, the subculture of emo may be slightly reminiscent ofstyle thrash. This is also one of the informal subcultures of adolescents. When she was popular, it was fashionable to dress in everything black and pink, as well as clothes adorned with children's elements: bows, badges and ribbons. Also emo likes tight-fitting clothing - narrow jeans, dark pantyhose, long black and pink stockings. Welcome t-shirts with photos of emo-groups, as well as badges. Girls often choose short mini-skirts, usually magnificent. Shoes without a heel, "low", a bag - a large, the type of "postal". A separate issue is the hairstyle and makeup of emo. Emo's eyes are brightly highlighted, drawing them with a black pencil, the girls also draw "arrows" and use dark shadows for a greater emphasis on the eyes. Hairstyle - more often dark (but can be any other colors) hair, thick ragged bangs covering one eye, "hedgehog" on the top of the head, "torn" decoration of the ends of the hair.



Another fashion trend among teenagers ishipsters. With their ideas they are also something similar to thrash: the rejection of the standards of society, the consumer lifestyle and so on. They dress in vintage dresses, homemade clothes, tight jeans and pants, t-shirts with animal prints, checkered shirts, sneakers of different colors, use strange accessories. The main motto of the subculture of hipsters in relation to appearance: "Negligence in clothes". Therefore, teenagers often combine new and vintage outfits, but if it's done with taste, it looks quite harmonious and interesting.



Recently, especially popular subcultureVanilla in modern teenage girls. How to dress vanillas? The classic portrait of vanilla is: on the head - a high careless bunch, on the nose - big glasses, voluminous long sweater, tight jeans or leggings, ugg boots. The British theme is welcomed - the British flag on different elements of clothing and accessories, inscriptions such as "I love London" or "J'aime Paris", etc., it does not matter if the girl was in her beloved city or not.


Another youth movement is kawai. Followers of this direction dress like a child. It is noteworthy that mostly girls support him. They do not dress in gray and dull things, they prefer bright colors, often dressing several bright elements of the wardrobe. But in this case, do not forget that you always need to add neutral colors to your clothes. A distinctive feature of the Kawai fashion is the abundance of lace. Sweater to the knee and a bright skirt over dark jeans - one of the options for a basic wardrobe for a teenager dressed in the style of kawaii. Completes the image of an abundance of accessories - plastic earrings, badges, metal, trimmed with fur and so on. Make-up must necessarily be bright, and the nails on the hands - painted in different colors.


Own look

To understand how teenagers dress, absolutelyit is not necessary to think that grown-up children necessarily adhere to some subcultures. They can invent their images or, as they are now fashionable to call, look` (bows). And parents are still concerned about how teenagers dress. After all, teenage fashion is always a protest, an expression of accumulated emotions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to weaken the "harness" and let the children express themselves, at least in clothes, if there are no other possibilities. And finally, the pros of teenage fashion:

  • The teenager expresses herself with the help of clothes;
  • The teenager learns to choose his own style;
  • Fashion clothing is the easiest way to express your personality.

Cons of teenage fashion:

  • Enthusiasm for informal movements can end badly if a teenager wants to adopt not only an external expression, but also allows an internal deformation of the person;
  • A teenager can become an outcast because of the rejection of his style of clothing surrounding him. Appearance of a teenager may not like teachers, then there may be problems in school;
  • The appearance of a teenager can provoke conflicts in the family.

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