How to drink gin. Beverage Varieties

Refined and aristocratic with a refined aroma, the alcoholic drink conquered the inhabitants of the whole world. This is a strong alcohol, which is obtained by distilling grain alcohol with tincture of juniper, coriander, orange, lemon, almond, and some spices. Thanks to various additives, the drink acquires a characteristic taste and smell. But each alcohol producer keeps the exact composition and proportions of ingredients secret.

how do they drink gin

How to drink gin, they know many. But not everyone knows that the drink appeared back in 1550. Invented his pharmacist for medicinal purposes. He believed that this is a healing remedy for kidney disease. In addition, the medicine was readily available, since only alcohol and juniper were needed for making tinctures. It turned out that it is not only a useful mixture, but also tasty. Only twenty years later, the first plant for the production of gin as a drink was opened.

Genie Species

The drink is made of two types: Danish and London dry.The first has a different name - Dutch gin. It is necessary to know how to drink this type of gin. It can not be used to make cocktails. It is necessary to drink Dutch gin in small sips undiluted. Pre-drink should be cooled. Many drink this alcohol with beer.

gin gordons how to drink

To get Danish gin, you should mix wheat and barley malt with spices, dry fruits of juniper and aromatic herbs. A mixture of all ingredients must be infused and fermented. Then the drink is distilled twice. The result is a strong gin, which should be drunk from small glasses.

Features of London gin

This type includes, for example, Gordons gin. Every bartender knows how to drink it. This is a more popular drink than Danish. Probably, this is due primarily to the fact that dry gin can be diluted for the preparation of cocktails. Although the Dutch drink is more fragrant, it is London that dominates the stores.

how to drink gin and tonic

To prepare the drink, grain alcohol is used, diluted with water up to 45 degrees.It is mixed with tincture of juniper and other aromatic ingredients, then distilled. The result is a drink, the strength of which ranges from 37.5 to 50 degrees. If the gin is made in this way, then the label always indicates the category DISTILLED GIN. How to drink gin with such a mark, it is known unless successful businessmen.

DISTILLED GIN category means that the drink belongs to the elite class, and therefore has a high cost. If such an inscription is absent, the drink was made according to a more simplified scheme. In this case, raw alcohol is simply mixed with aromatic additives, diluted with water and bottled. Secondary distillation of the drink is not exposed. Connoisseurs of gin will certainly notice an admixture of fusel oils.

Undiluted gin

True gourmets and drink fans drink pure gin. And you need to use it in the scorching cold state. Therefore, before you pour the drink into the vessel, you need to cool it. You just need to know how to drink gin in undiluted form. A bottle of drink to wipe and serve.Then pour the alcohol in chilled glasses, under which you want to put napkins. When filling the container with a drink, hold the bottle tightly.

how to drink gin london

You need to carefully pour the gin into a glass, trying not to raise the sediment at the bottom, otherwise the taste will deteriorate. It is customary to fill the container to half. This is required by the rules of etiquette. The glass should not be decorated with slices of fruit or other accessories, the drink does not require additional decoration.

How to drink gin and tonic

The classic and most popular way to drink is to mix it with tonic. To cook it, you need to take high-quality gin, and the tonic must be fresh. You will need more ice to be made from mineral or distilled water.

Here is a classic recipe: fill the glass half full with ice, add one part of the gin and shake a little. Then you need to pour two parts of the tonic. The proportions are not fundamental. Everyone can choose the amount of alcohol to your liking.

How to drink gin "Beefeater"

The recipe for this drink was compiled in 1920. This is a bright alcohol with a pronounced taste and pleasant aroma. The original recipe "Beefeater" know only 6 employees.Its components remain unchanged for many years. It is noteworthy that the drink is the only gin, which is made only in London.

how to drink gin beefeater

"Beefeater" can be just like other types of gin, mixed with tonic. Some men prefer to use it in its pure form, despite the fact that the strength of the drink is 47 degrees. Women are advised to dilute gin with cola, mineral water, cranberry juice. Do not forget about the ice. This is the basis of any gin.

Gene London Hill

This is no less a popular drink among gins. Its composition contains a lot of berries. This drink is well suited for the basis of a martini cocktail. This is the answer to the question of how to drink gin "London". The popularity of the drink is associated with lower cost compared to, for example, the Bombay of Sapphire. But the taste of gin is well balanced and no less pleasant. This is because there are exotic ingredients in the drink: liquorice, cassia bark, orris root and melegiet pepper.

In general, any gin is good in its own way. The main thing that the manufacturer produced a drink on all requirements with double distillation.The only way to enjoy the pleasant taste of the drink.

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