How to drive fat?

Many people think about how to drive fat from the abdomen and sides. The answer to this question rests on three pillars: self-discipline, food culture, an active lifestyle. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to fulfill each of these conditions. It is worth noting that quickly drive fat from the abdomen and sides - not real. It will take at least a month of effort on yourself and a lot of effort.

How to quickly drive off fat in the gym

Of course, without sports, fat from any part of the body can not be ousted. Therefore, for those who want to find ideal forms, it is necessary first of all to enroll in a fitness center or gym. In order to tighten your figure you must perform a special set of exercises that are aimed at burning fat, located under the skin, and not to strengthen the muscles. By the way, to burn unwanted fats faster, you can do cardio workouts. This may be exercises on a rowing machine, a treadmill or regular jogging. Doing sports is necessary three to four times a week. Remember, to get a positive result from training, you need to hold them regularly.

Exercises that burn fat in the abdomen and sides

You need to lie on a gymnastic mat, raise your legs, bend them at the knees at a right angle, so that the legs are parallel to the floor. Then you should straighten your arms with dumbbells over your chest, draw your belly in and press the lower back to the floor. Now, while breathing in, you need to put your straight arms behind your head and straighten your legs so that the angle between the legs and the floor is 45 degrees. After that, you need to exhale and return to the starting position. This exercise is performed 8-10 times. In the prone position, you need to raise the legs bent at the knees, hands put behind the head, elbows apart. Now it is necessary to tear off the head and shoulder blades from the floor, at the same time pulling out the left leg and trying to reach the left shoulder to the right knee. Then, without returning to the starting position, you need to change your leg and stretch your right shoulder to your left knee. At least 8 repetitions should be performed for each side. It is necessary to stand up, put your feet shoulder-width apart, straighten your arms with a medbol over your head, draw your stomach in and close the shoulder blades. Now you need to start to perform the slopes of the body to the left and right. The hips should remain motionless. You must perform 10 repetitions.

How to drive fat through diet

As for the fatty layer on the stomach and sides, in addition to physical exercises, it should be removed with the help of proper nutrition. It should be repeated that methods of dealing with excess fat should always be carried out comprehensively! It should be noted that it is not recommended to sharply limit the number of calories consumed, and even more so at the expense of protein foods. Remember, protein is essential for building muscle fibers. It is the muscles that are responsible for the metabolic rate, so the larger the muscle, the faster the body metabolism and less fat is stored “in reserve”. The classical diet recommends eating food in small portions, and the more often the better, you can 4-5 times a day. In this case, you must have dinner no later than 4 hours before bedtime, but no later than 20.00. Most of the diet should be sour-milk and low-carb foods of plant origin. It is necessary to completely abandon the flour, sweet, fried, fatty, smoked and, of course, alcohol. It should be included in your diet fresh and steamed vegetables, lean beef, poultry without skin.In order to increase the daily dose of protein, you should use low-fat cottage cheese, fresh milk, egg whites, fish.

How to drive the fat from the sides wraps

Various creams and gels, which according to the manufacturer are capable of burning fat, do not give any results. Therefore, you should not hope for these funds and spend money and time on them. It is best to carry out wrapping procedures. They give a fairly good effect: they are able to reduce your body in volume and saturate the skin with useful substances. Beauty salons offer a huge selection of various types of wraps that stimulate fat burning and tighten skin. But what to do if you do not have time to visit them? Then start doing the wraps yourself at home. The most common wraps are chocolate, coffee and algae wraps. The cheapest and simplest, but no less effective, is a coffee wrap. In order to prepare the composition must be mixed 50 g of natural ground coffee, 1 tbsp. olive oil and water. It should make a thick mass.The resulting mixture should be applied to the abdomen and sides, then wrap them with cling film and lie under 2 warm blankets for 1 hour. During this time, the processes responsible for the breakdown of fats are activated, and excess fluid begins to leave the body with some of the fat. To perform such a wrap is necessary every 3 days. The course consists of 10-15 procedures.

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