How to enroll in a kindergarten today?

As soon as a child is born in the family, parents"How to enroll in a kindergarten and when should it be done?" Children should be admitted to such institutions throughout the year, so the application should be submitted at the beginning of the year, when a visit to the garden is planned. Officially it is believed that there are no queues. But many parents face such a problem from their own experience. They have to enroll in the queue a few months earlier, and in some cities immediately, as soon as the baby is born.

how to enroll in a kindergarten

What if the garden is not taken?

Some young mothers were faced with the fact that,leading their grown-up child to a preschool institution, were refused. Most often, he argues for the lack of seats. The head simply makes a helpless gesture and declares that she can not help with anything. Many simply leave with nothing. But do not hurry. It is necessary to ask her to issue a refusal in writing and indicate the reasons for such a decision. With such a document, you can safely go to court and file a lawsuit against this institution. It's no secret that the Constitution says the right to receive education, but you are denied it. Many lawyers are absolutely convinced that such a claim will be surely satisfied.

Documents for admission to kindergarten

Before you enroll in a kindergarten, you need to prepare the necessary documents. There is a certain list:

- Birth certificate of the baby;

- A certificate that confirms that the child is healthy;

- Children's medical card.enroll in the kindergarten

A child should definitely go to a polyclinicfor medical examination by some specialists. It will also be necessary to pass basic tests, such as urine and blood. A certificate of vaccination of the baby is mandatory. If this is not available, then you need to provide an official document that describes the refusal to carry out vaccinations. Some specialized pre-school establishments require additional documents in order to enroll in the kindergarten queue. If a child has mental health problems, then a psycho-medical-pedagogical conclusion is needed. If the baby has problems with the lungs, then a certificate from the tuberculosis dispensary is needed. There are such institutions that require a referral from the education department of their district. Those children whose speech is underdeveloped should bring the document from the audiologist. In the kindergarten, the manager will ask you to write an application for admission to a children's institution and a questionnaire, in which you will need to provide all the information about your baby. Private organizations also conclude an agreement in which the duties of both parties are clearly spelled out.

where to enroll in a kindergarten

And what about the benefits?

All government agencies have certainconditions for preferential categories of citizens. Therefore, before enrolling in the queue at the kindergarten, you need to find out if you are not among them. To such persons carry:

  • children who have the same parent;
  • children whose mothers are studying;
  • children whose parents are disabled in groups I and II;
  • large families;
  • children who are under guardianship;
  • children-orphans;
  • children whose parents are military;
  • children-twins.

Recording via the Internet

Today progress does not stand still. For those who do not know where to enroll in the kindergarten, the issue has already been resolved. The Internet comes to the rescue. So you can solve a lot of problems associated with endless hikes in the instances. It is enough to file an electronic application, and you fall into this list. Now you do not need to carry a baby with you and stand with him these endless lines. But this system is not yet flawless in our country, we still have to wait some time in the real queue to find out our place in the virtual one. But recently it was a bit easier to enroll in a kindergarten in Moscow.

enroll in a kindergarten in Moscow

Now there is a portal that allowsperform all procedures completely officially. And in practice, indeed, everything goes quite well. But without problems, of course, it does not do. Now, before enrolling in a kindergarten, you can become on the queue at once to several institutions. The main thing is that they are in the same administrative district. Also, you can write to such an institution you can have a child who does not have a Moscow residence permit. Your place in the queue can be tracked online. But the minus system is the lack of an alert that it's time to go to the garden. Many people, learning about how to enroll in a kindergarten, do not know what documents should be prepared and when to submit them. Therefore, there is a lot of probability to miss your chance and not get into the preschool in time. However, it should be noted that this experience is quite successful and acceptable for a large number of citizens. Electronic recording has become a salvation for many mothers who have no one to leave their little fidgeting to formalize it in kindergarten.

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