How to find IP through "VK": instruction

Today we have to learn how to learn IPthrough the user's "VC". In truth, this moment interests quite a few. After all, with the help of IP you can find the place where the person is located, identify his Internet provider, as well as some information about the computer. So sometimes it is useful to understand how to learn IP through the "VC".how to find ip through wk


First option: you live with the "victim" in the same city, it has a full profile on the page. Then it's enough to call the user's phone (which is indicated in the questionnaire), and then by deceiving find out the address.

How to learn IP through "VC"? Just introduce yourself as some provider that collects all sorts of information about users. If the "victim" is not too smart, then she will give you the information you need quickly enough. But this option is not the best. It does not give a 100% guarantee. Advanced users do not tell anyone their IP address. So, there is a probability of failure of the plan. We will have to look for other ways, if any.


Of course, they are. I wonder how to learn a person's IP through the "VC"? Then just use the specialized sites that offer this service. There are free and paid hosting. There is no particular difference in to recognize a person's ip through

What is required? Pass authorization in the social network from your account, and then enter the ID-questionnaire "victims" in the corresponding field. Wait for a while, if necessary, pay for the service and see the result. In the window (or via SMS message), the address of the selected user's computer is displayed. How easy it all is!

But this is only one side of the coin. The thing is that often such sites do not help to figure out how to find out the IP address through the "VC", but simply hack into your accounts. And you will not get any information from them. If you use paid hosting, you are simply bred for money. The amount is small, but still.

And if you dare to dial your mobile phoneon the site, you can safely change the SIM card. After all, the smartphone will be sent a virus that writes off money, and regularly and constantly. You can get rid of it only by completely replacing sim.


If you suddenly wondered how to learn IPthrough "VC", you can try using special services. They allegedly expand the capabilities of social networks and add to them those that were not previously available officially. For example, reading other people's messages or issuing an IP to find ip address via wk

What should I do? Find a specialized application, download to your system and install. Further, it will be necessary to pass authorization in the utility on the first start using the account in social networks, as well as when using hosting services. Once this stage is complete, select the user among your friends, and then go to the "IP-address" tab. There you will see the necessary data.

In reality, all this is just a promisecreators of applications. In fact, this kind of content is a kind of virus. He either breaks your account, or "falls asleep" you spam to such an extent that you delete the profile yourself. In addition, after the launch of this kind of programs, there are also problems with other social networks. Try to bypass this type of application side, even if you really want to know the address and location of the computer of a person. Most likely, it will not lead to anything good.


There is an Internet site such as 2IP. It is he who can help us figure out how to find out the IP address through the ID ("VC"). True, it's not always possible to realize the idea.

First, take a screenshot of the "victim" pageso that the ID or short name is clearly visible. Now go to the 2IP website and contact support. They need to send a picture and explain why you need data about the whereabouts of the user. If you are not suspected of any black deeds, then in a few hours you will receive the IP of the "victim".

In practice, you can see that such cases occur rarely and only when you manage to convince the administration of good intentions. Especially strongly rely on the method is not worth it.

how to find ip address via id vk

Summing up

What do we have in the end? As you can see, there are options for accessing the social network "VC" and finding out the user's IP address. But almost all of them do not work or are quite dangerous. For some, there are exceptions, but they are extremely rare.

How to learn IP through the user's "VK"? Perhaps, the most logical decision will be to leave the idea. After all, you can harm not only your "victim", but yourself as well as your operating system.

An IP address is a component that helpshack into computers. And if you are not a hacker, do not break this head over this question. It is better to ask the address directly from the user. As already mentioned, sometimes this option can work. Only it can be considered safe.

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