How to find out what kind of name?

The name, according to many people, is able to play an important role in the fate of a person. If you want to learn interesting facts about your name or choose the name of a child, you can refer to various sites dedicated to names.

Name value and name rating

Today offer a variety of resources to learn the value of the name. Some of them are quite simple, others are more interesting, informative.

  • So, on the site you can see the basic characteristics of various names, as well as find out which female and male names are the most popular today. In addition, the site publishes various news related to names, as well as news on astrological and psychological topics.
  • A simple site will give a small list of rare names with a brief description of their meanings. In addition, the site provides detailed information on why it is important to choose the right name for a surname and patronymic and in parallel offered paid advice on choosing a name.
  • The resource is very interesting - the site design is simple, but you will get the opportunity to learn the value of Azerbaijani, Arab, Mongolian, American, Polish, Serbian, Scandinavian, Tatar, Greek,Swedish, Japanese, African and even Aztec, Teutonic, Celtic and other names.
  • No less informative and site. On it you can search for names written in both Cyrillic and Latin. In addition, the resource will give a very detailed information about the peculiarities of the names of different countries, nations, and even lead audio tracks that will teach to pronounce even the most complex names correctly.
  • The site will be convenient to pick up the name of the child according to the date of his birth - according to the Orthodox calendar. As for the analysis, the resource provides sufficiently detailed descriptions even for outdated and now very rare names. Some names have several options for descriptions, including an assessment of business activity, will, sociability, subtleties of character, etc.
  • At this address you can learn about names, check the compatibility of names in a romantic couple. Presented characteristics of the names include a description of the characteristics of the character, which gives the person a name, as well as information about the talismans of the name and celebrities who bear this name.

Phonosemantic analysis

On the site you will find a very interesting program, which in a few seconds will analyze your name, surname, patronymic on the subject of those emotions that they cause in humans on a subconscious level.

The system works on the basis of the methodology proposed by the Soviet philologist, Doctor of Science A. Zhuravlev. According to her, the various sounds that make up words can be associated with a person at an unconscious level with either positive or negative characteristics.

In the course of his work, Zhuravlyov interviewed several thousand respondents, identifying which sounds cause particular emotions. As a result, 25 scales were compiled, for each of which the person’s full name is estimated: simple-complex, big-small, good-bad, mighty-frail, joyful-sad, beautiful-repulsive, and so on.

For example, the phonosemantic analysis of the name Alexander gives the following result: good, brave, beautiful, simple, majestic, courageous, powerful, big.

Thanks to the program, you will be able to find out how people perceive your first or last name, how consonant your first and last names are, how much your first and middle names are combined, whether the two first names are compatible, and so on. You can also select the values ​​of the scales that you consider preferable (for example, feminine, beautiful, majestic, kind, simple, etc.), and the system will display a list of female and male names that correspond to these values.In addition, you will have the opportunity to analyze any other word - for example, the name of the company or a pseudonym.

Name and Astrology

Intending to achieve perfect harmony with the outside world, people tend not only to find out what the name was given to him by their parents, but also to assess how it fits with the date of birth and what promises and difficulties in life they promise.

Find relevant information can be, in particular, on the site. Here are the meanings of female and male names, the meaning of middle names and some surnames. There are “calculators” of compatibility names for marriage, love, business and companionship. You can also calculate the compatibility of the name (or the first name with the last name) with the date of birth, as well as study the numerology of the full name and even read the name. In addition, you can find interesting signs associated with the name of the Orthodox calendar.

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