How to fix a slouch at home

A man's stoop is not at all beautiful, especially when he is trying to claim communion with the sports community. Here are just long days, hours, months of sitting at a desk, driving a car or a computer leading to the formation of the body position - the lower edges are lowered, while the shoulders are pushed to fix a slouch

Of course, such a state may, over time, adversely affect the spine, in addition, the activity of internal organs, not to mention the difficulties in lifting any weights - in the classroom or in everyday life. The first, by the way, happens not infrequently - from time to time a novice gets into the hall with such a problem as slouching. How to fix the situation at home, we will find out in this article.

Check the presence of stoop

Now we will learn what to do in the workout plan to eliminate any signs of slouching. It is important to find out if it is available. It is quite simple - you need to look in the mirror in profile.If your head is pushed forward from the vertical line of the spine, passing through the foot, patella, pelvis, then sternum, neck and at the end of the crown, then the diagnosis is right. In this case, you must immediately get rid of its causes. So, how to fix a slouch in an adult? To do this, you need to stop slouching, and also begin to perform exercises aimed at leveling the position of the body.

Causes of stoop

The reason for our lowered round shoulders is an exceptionally bad posture. Sedentary and sedentary lifestyle leads to muscle imbalance. The upper back (scapular muscle) is weakened, and the chest muscle is reduced, which can lead to the emergence of a hunchback. Basically, it begins to occur during our school years. In this article, we will learn how to correct slouching in a teenager and in an adult.slouching how to fix at home

Straightened shoulders with a straight back have a huge number of advantages. In addition to improving appearance, correct posture also affects the level of confidence, mood, and can even help you feel much more confident.


So is it possible to correct the slouch? Yes. If you plan to fight it, then you should first of all pay attention to stretching. Performing the exercises suggested below daily will help to maintain the vertical correct position of the back, while not shouldering the shoulders. Hold each position for 20 seconds several times a day.

Shoulders and chest muscles

Stand up. Put your hands behind the back in the lock. Focus your attention on gently pulling the shoulders down and back, while avoiding stretching the neck.

Front thigh muscle

Stand with the right foot in a lunge. At the same time, lower the knee and push the hips slightly forward until you feel a stretch deep in the tendons under the knees. Change to fix a slouch in an adult

Hip biceps

Sit down. Extend one leg forwards, bend the other in front of you so that the knee is pointing to the side, while the heel is towards the groin. Lower the chest slowly down to your hip, stretch your hands to the toe of the straightened leg. Change your legs.

Four-headed thigh muscle

Stand up. Grab the leg behind you with your hand and gently pull up until you feel a slight stretch in front.Change your legs.

Back exercises

So, how to fix a slouch in an adult? The exercises listed below will help you strengthen the muscles in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, which are responsible for lifting the shoulders down and back. Follow them in addition to stretching a couple of times a week.

Paddle push up

How to fix the slouch? Take the position required for push-ups. The body should form a straight line from head to toe. Blades squeeze together, then return to the starting position. Do 5 repetitions. This type of push-up implies making a light movement. It is primarily aimed at the muscles of the upper back, which are responsible for bringing your shoulders in the correct position.

Blade Abduction

Stretch tape around waist at waist level. Keep your elbows on the sides, pull the tape towards you until the shoulder blades come together. Return to the starting position and do 10 repetitions.

Sliding along the wall

You have already learned how to correct a slouch, but this is not all exercises. For the next, stand with your back to the wall. Press the chin and press it with your hands on the wall, while the angle at the elbows should be 90˚.Hold the position for a minute. For optimal development of the upper muscles, you can gradually move your hands up and to fix a slouch in a teenager


How to fix a slouch with the help of yoga? It contributes to the development of flexibility and strength, which is perfect for correcting your posture. Selected postures will help strengthen and stretch problem areas. Stay in each position for 30 seconds.


Lie on your stomach. Push off the floor and straighten your arms in the elbows, while trying to use the back muscles directly. Now focus on opening your shoulders, tilting your head slightly.

"Dog face up"

Lie on your stomach. Use your hands to push off from the floor and straighten them completely, stand on your toes. In this case, the hips should rise slightly above the floor so that you feel a stretch in the shoulders and chest.

"Dog snout down"

Stand on all fours, place your arms under your shoulders. Push off the floor and straighten your legs, while lifting the hips to the ceiling. At the same time, strive to keep your neck and head on a common line with the spine, but with your heels, try to touch the floor. It is possible to connect two poses, moving from this to the above pose with one quiet movement.

Basic exercises

Strengthening the muscles with the exercises below will also help set the spine in the correct position.

Exercise with medbolom

How to fix a slouch with medbola? Lie on the floor, arms and legs pull up. Medbol weighing 2 kg hold them. Lower the left hand with the right foot above the floor, while holding the ball, holding up between the right hand along with the left foot. Change your arm and leg. Perform 10 repetitions.Is it possible to correct the stoop


Take the position of push-ups to perform the strap, the body should form one straight line, with the hands to be placed under the shoulders. In addition, you can do the exercises on the elbows. Hold the position for a minute.

Roller exercises

The massage roller is a very convenient device for myofascial relaxation, which allows to get rid of excessive tension in the connective tissues and muscles. The massage roller helps increase blood flow to the muscle tissue, speeds up recovery, improves mobility, and also improves performance. Use it twice a week to achieve optimal results.

Rib cage

Roll over to face the floor and place the roller under the rib cage near the shoulder joint.Move your hand up and down, feeling that the roller falls on different points of tension that are in the chest. At these points, linger for 20 seconds. Repeat on the second side.

Upper back

Turn on your back. Place the roller under its top. Cross your arms on your chest or behind your head in a lock, slowly go back and forth. Stay at the tension points for 20 to fix a stoop in an adult exercise

You have learned a few simple ways to defeat rounded shoulders. It must be remembered that the result will depend on the regularity of performing these poses and exercises.

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