How to force yourself to play sports?

Nowadays, most people sit in front of the computer for days and lead mostly sedentary lifestyles. Hypodynamia - the scourge of modern society. It's no secret that the panacea for many ills is movement and sport. Sport will not allow you to grow old ahead of time, turn into a sedentary creature, unable to withstand any kind of load and with a considerable amount of fatty deposits accumulated over its life, toxins and slags. They keep saying: yes, it is necessary, it is necessary to go in for sports, run, go to the pool and fitness club ... But instead, sit down evenings in front of the TV or go on the Internet. So how to make yourself play sports? Let's try together to answer this question.

Movement - life!

Yes Yes exactly! Immobilization is, on the contrary, death. It would seem that everyone understands this. So what prevents us from starting to exercise regularly? Lack of clear motivation. The first thing to do is to formulate a clear goal. Why do you personally need to play sports? The goal must be concrete, beautiful, desirable.For example: I want to lose weight on so much a kilogram to get into this gorgeous dress; I want to play with my grandchildren, not suffering from shortness of breath and fatigue; I want to have the perfect figure to attract the attention of the opposite sex; I want to feel full of energy and life and forget about fatigue and stress. Agree, for the sake of such goals is to try!

Set specific deadlines for yourself when you start your workouts. Otherwise, the start of classes will always be postponed to "tomorrow", "from next Monday", "from next year for sure." Really evaluate your strength. Start with the minimum loads, gradually increasing them.

Determine how much time you can really spend on sports. Organize classes so that they organically blend into your rhythm of life. Mark classes on the calendar and do not miss them, justifying the reasons for "headache" or "I have critical days today."

Many men ask how to make a woman go in for sports? Well, of course, by example. Offer her to spend time together in the gym or jogging - the woman will never give up the attention of her beloved and from hanging out together.

How to make a girl go in for sports? It is not so difficult! The main thing is not to tell her that she needs sport in order to lose weight, become more beautiful, get rid of cellulite, etc. With such phrases you hurt women's self-esteem, it will lead to a quarrel and a hidden resentment, and not to joint sports activities. It is better to emphasize that you love your darling, so take care of her health. Give her a beautiful form, a subscription to the fitness center or pool, where you go yourself. A rare girl will be able to resist such a display of care.

Remember that playing sports will save you from stress and going to doctors, will provide a good physical and energy tone. Be healthy!

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