How to forgive a husband?

In family life, there are different situations,there are joyful moments, and quarrels also arise. Since men are a strong sex, many of them allow you to offend your wives with rudeness, some even change. Such situations happen in families often. Do not always end positive for the continuation of life together. There are women who know how to forgive a husband. And some need help to understand not only yourself, but also in a relationship with her husband. We can advise how to save the family and try to forget what happened.

Treason of a husband

You can offend a word. Then just find a compromise. And in a calm environment to explain to her husband that he was wrong, in no case not raising his voice. Because this will only aggravate the situation. And there are very unpleasant situations when the husband changes. And the truth becomes reality. The usual quarrel can be overheated. And how to forgive the betrayal of her husband? Not everyone can cope with this. But first of all, a woman should remember that it is necessary to preserve the integrity of her family, especially if there are children. After all, if you think about it, then your foreign children do not need your children very much. And to love them, as a native father, not everyone will be. And most of it is not desirable. Never hurry to "chop down the heat." But it's up to the woman to decide whether to forgive her husband or not. And you need to listen more to yourself and your feelings. We suggest you read our article: "Is it possible to forgive treason?".

Crossing oneself for the sake of the family

If it just so happens that you have changed your husband, and youfound out about it? Try to distract yourself, change your life, try to diversify it. Sign up for some courses, or gymnastics. This will help you not so often to remember what happened. And do not bother anyone. After gymnastics, you will become even more attractive, and the husband will no longer think about adultery. A good idea will be an organized trip or a family vacation to nature, where your feelings will flash again with the same flame. Postpone all the work and work to the background and get back in touch. You can, of course, turn to a psychologist. He will get to the problem from within, and there is a great chance that he will help. But, only time heals.

Of course, it will be hard for you to go to bed with your husband.bed. Constantly will climb into the head of the thought "But what if it's better than me?". But gather all your strengths and focus on yourself. After all, he stayed with you. And at the moment is with you in bed. Therefore - you are a goddess. You are the best woman in the world. Show what they are capable of, and the husband for one night will stop thinking about another woman.

Is it worth it ...

Treason is a very offensive betrayal of family feelings and relationships. But if the husband has changed how to forgive his deed? After all, relationships in the family are created for years, and they can be destroyed in a moment.

Do not even think about whether to forgive her husband. We will answer if the husband really repents. He does not want to leave the family. She loves children very much. Spends with them and with you a lot of time. I made a mistake and regrets about it. In this case, you can try to give him a chance. In the end, his sense of guilt will be your trump card. And only after some time, exhausting him with his cold attitude, you can again build the foundation of the family anew. Of course, you need to consider the situation when, after living together for ten years, somewhere on a business trip, your husband could not resist the charms of a young girl. And if, after a year of living together, he cheated on you with your girlfriend or with a neighbor. These are two different things, with the latter clearly burdens the situation. Another reason why you should forgive your husband is your relationship during this period. You strongly quarreled and the husband left. Drunk and with revenge to you has made an erroneous step - treason. Yes, the act is not justified, but the husband sincerely repented of the deed, and vowed not to betray your feelings again. But if this is not the first time, periodically, then think about his words about forgiveness. Whether they are sincere or not. Do not jump to conclusions. Think well and think it over. And in the morning to work send an SMS to her husband: forgive me, but my feelings lost their power after your act.


In general, we women know that men arehunters. And even the most faithful and decent will pay attention to passing young girls. This they do not take away. And for you, the most important task is always to be an unread book for your husband. That he, coming home from work, would meet not a sultry, eternally buzzing wife with a handkerchief on his head, in an old dressing-gown. And each time in a new way, though not with a hairdo, but with neatly laid hair. Neat and affectionate. Yes, it is not always easy, coming from work, also try to look good. But remember, you are a wise woman. And you need your man to be with you.

Of course, treason is a cruel betrayal. But if you look at this situation from the other side, it could have happened to you. Put yourself in the husband's place, and it will be easier for you to forgive him. Because life presents so many trials and it is very difficult to pass them alone.

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