How to get a one-time allowance?

A lump sum is a guaranteed state cash payment. Can I get lump-sum allowances for children? According to the law of the Russian Federation, the following one-time allowances are established:

  • a woman who has gotten up early in a medical institution,
  • maternity,
  • the pregnant wife of a serviceman called up for military service.
  • at birth,
  • at the birth of a child and transfer it to the ward family.

Maternity allowance

Maternity allowance is charged in one amount (70 days before childbirth and 70 days after). If two or more children are born, or for complications after childbirth, the benefit is calculated 70 days before and 86 days after childbirth.

For a working woman, the benefit will be 100% of the total average earnings for the previous 2 years. This limit today is 36563 rubles per month, regardless of the district coefficient.

Benefits for women who get up early in the pregnancy for registration

If women applied to the antenatal clinic and were registered not later than 12 weeks of pregnancy, they can receive an allowance of 465 rubles 20 kopecks, not taking into account the regional coefficient.

One-time childbirth allowance

Each parent can receive benefits for their child after birth. For the first child the minimum allowance is 2326 rubles, for the second and subsequent children - 4651 rubles 99 kopecks. The maximum allowance for each child is 14,625 rubles 32 kopecks. District coefficient applies. The same rights apply to ward or adopted children. Allowance for the birth of a dead child is not assigned.

Allowance for the pregnant wife of a military serviceman

The allowance to the wife of a serviceman who is serving in military service is paid when the pregnancy is 180 days, regardless of other benefits. In 2012, it amounted to 19,645 rubles 12 kopecks. In addition, 8,419 rubles 34 kopecks are paid monthly after the birth of a child during military service up to 3 years.

Can a father get a lump sum

The benefit can be received by one of the parents, or the person replacing it.The father also receives the right to apply for benefits in connection with the birth of a child and for the care of him.

Where to get a lump sum

  • At the place of either study or work of one of the parents, social allowance is given for the childbirth allowance.
  • From the federal budget, an allowance is given to one of the non-working parents at the place of registration or residence by the social security authority.
  • At the expense of social insurance funds, an allowance is paid at the place of work if only one parent works and the other does not.

The lump sum is not paid to the following categories of citizens:

  • Persons whose children are on state support
  • citizens deprived of parental rights
  • Persons who have left the Russian Federation for permanent residence.

How can I get a lump sum

To receive a birth allowance, you must submit the following documents:

  • application for benefits
  • child's birth certificate
  • copy of child's birth certificate,
  • a certificate to the other parent that the allowance was not assigned and was not issued,
  • extract from the decision on adoption, custody.

When can I get a lump sum

For childbirth allowance, you can submit documents for a child within 6 months after birth. The benefit, in the event of the death of the child, the parent’s placement for another job, is not returned, but the monthly benefit ceases next month.

Now you know how to get a lump sum.

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