How to get out of the diet?

So it is done! The arrow on the scales finally shows the desired figure. There is no limit to your joy, you already see yourself in your favorite dress, which has been waiting for its high point in the closet for so long and ... want to be happy to run to the kitchen and celebrate the desired victory with something tasty. Common situation? Most likely yes. After all, often, many girls, stopping the diet, immediately seek to return as soon as possible to the old diet. But the solution to the question - how to get out of the diet, is no less important than how to choose the right diet.

We sit on diets for at least two weeks: during this time, our body manages to get used to the new low-calorie not very tasty diet, so a sudden transition to another mode is fraught with the occurrence of serious metabolic disorders, as well as disruption of the digestive organs. In order for the departed kilograms not to return to you, and the organism said “thank you”, it is enough to follow a few rules how to get out of the diet.

Transition days

The first 4-5 days after the diet are called "transitional days", becauseyou do not seem to be dieting, but you have not completely abandoned it. If the diet included fasting days - do not give up on them, just make them more benign. Forbidden to eat on a fasting day? Now you can add a light snack.

Nutritionists recommend daily to add 1-2 new products to the diet. Thus, the body will gradually get used to the increase in nutrients, and most importantly, it will not put them “in reserve.” (Remembering the previous shakes in the form of lack of food, and accustomed to "save", the body lays nutrients in the form of fat).


First you need to fill the lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body, so, first of all, add to the diet vegetables, fruits, herbs, low-fat dairy products, cottage cheese, lean meat. Bread, salt and sugar is better not to return to the diet, or to minimize it. And, of course, do not forget about the liquid (2-3 liters per day). In the early days, your diet should not exceed 1,800 - 2,000 kcal. Below we give a sample menu, how to get out of the diet correctly:

  • First breakfast: tea / coffee (no sugar)
  • Second breakfast: vegetable salad with the addition of 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil; green tea.
  • Lunch: first or second course - at the discretion. The main thing in the diet should be protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad, fruit, green or black tea.
  • Dinner: dishes, steamed or low-fat cottage cheese; fruit.
  • Second dinner: a glass of kefir

It is necessary to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. Otherwise, the body does not get enough and you will want to eat something else.

How to get out of buckwheat diet

Today among women monodiets are particularly popular, in particular, the buckwheat diet. If you lose weight on it - please be patient: the return to the previous diet will be long, literally 50 kcal a day. Daily it is recommended to add one product to the menu. Moreover, "podnadoevshaya" buckwheat still dominates the diet.

  • For the first day's breakfast, it is recommended to eat fruit and low-fat yogurt. The remaining meals are buckwheat.
  • The next day for breakfast you can eat some low-fat cheese, and we already transfer fruits and yoghurt familiar to us for second breakfast. Subsequent meals - buckwheat.And so on: gradually introduce dairy products, vegetables, fruits, eggs into the menu. At the end of the exit from the "buckwheat" diet, add meat and fish.

By following these simple recommendations, you can gradually return to normal diet without compromising health. And now, you are absolutely ready to conquer newer peaks!

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