How to get revenge on the neighbors?

Not every neighbor is a gift of fate. Sometimes the proximity of residential areas becomes a real tragedy - people who are not burdened with tact, good education, respectful attitude to people around them literally ruin your life. What to do in such cases, how to tell the abuser about his inappropriate behavior, force him to order or simply take revenge from the heart? Before you choose a way to revenge, remember that for some of them you can also be punished, so think first and then do it.

We make offensive inscriptions.

Are your neighbors characterized by a mass of impartial human qualities that directly or indirectly affect your comfort in your home? Then why not take revenge on the neighbors by telling others about their disadvantages with the use of offensive nicknames, bright denunciations of inscriptions printed on the wall of a house, an apartment door?

You can start with a more benign option - print the right words in large print on paper and tape it to your neighbor’s habitat.For example, “Silence Breaker”, “Scandalist”, “Source of garbage at the entrance”, “Ham”. If this does not help, you can make the inscription marker / spray on the door or on the wall.

We pay the same coin

Why not respond to his neighbor with his own weapon - that is, rudeness, noise, dirt and other things?

  • Is the tenant regularly having riot parties? Wait until there is complete silence in his apartment (at night, early in the morning), and wake up a little jovial, for example, with some hit “Rammstein”. You can also use the sounds of fighting, howling dogs, squeaking doors, drills, which can be found at various sites. The main thing is to warn your neighbors in advance that at such and such time you have planned an act of retaliation. If you live on the floor below the offenders, then in order to take revenge on your neighbors from above, enlist the support of tenants of apartments located above them or at least on the same landing with them. So the effect will be noticeable.
  • Neighbor littering, sweeping away dirt from your floor to you under the door? Collect the dirt, add to it the carefully swept dust from under your neighbor’s doors and in a neat heap bring it back to the Homeland. You can also add an explanatory note like: “We have received garbage from you. Thank you. We return back. Sincerely, N floor.
  • Residents of the next apartment regularly give you boorish jokes and statements? Just stop saying hello, do not answer questions and do not notice their presence in public places at all. It would be ideal if all the other neighbors support you - complete disregard by the public will be unpleasant even to the most impudent rude. On the question of what is the reason for such an attitude, you can briefly explain once: “We just do not know how to speak the language of rudeness that you are used to.” This method will be especially effective in order to take revenge on the cottage neighbors, because there is a friendly location outside the city neighbors sometimes becomes just vital.

Do not let your neighbor do bad things

At a constant noise from the apartment (music, drill, party) at an inopportune time, you can respond more sharply. For example, carefully cut the wires leading to the electrical panel. This can be done only on the condition that you are well versed in electrics and completely exclude the possibility of wiring during the process of injury or fire.

If the neighbor has a special curiosity and habit to watch the tenants, to dismiss gossip, then you can paint the door's eye with paint.You can prepare a more "fusion" mixture - mix silicate glue with soot or silverfish. Such a composition can never be removed without damaging the glass. Do not forget to simultaneously resort to the first method and attach an explanatory sign like: “Do not stick your nose in the affairs of others”.

Rules of conduct "avengers"

Revenge is not an easy thing. To implement it, several important rules should be considered:

  • Do not get caught (unless a direct conflict with the abuser is not in your plans). Create retribution when neighbors are not at home or, suppose they and other possible witnesses of your actions sleep soundly (that is, under cover of deep night).
  • You should not immediately begin with “heavy artillery,” give a person a chance to realize the fallacy of his behavior and become better. And therefore always first do minor mischief to the abuser.
  • Do not forget to explain to the neighbors the reason for your revenge - perhaps the person does not realize that he behaves ugly, interferes with others.
  • Give up obscene expressions. And in general, in pursuit of justice, do not be like a violator.
  • Do not go to the individual!
  • Always avoid situations that could harm people or animals!
  • Do not go too far.Even with good reason for the most fierce hostility to the neighbors, you should not let them all their righteous anger. Especially since playing, you can easily get under any article of the civil code. If after several acts of revenge the neighbor does not change his behavior, feel free to contact the district police officer for help.

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