How to get rid of cheeks?

Everybody would like to easily correctdefects of a person. Many women are wondering how to get rid of cheeks, because not so long ago the world was swept into fashion by the outlined high cheekbones. They are called "aristocratic" as opposed to "rustic" ruddy cheeks. In general, to bind sunken cheeks with aristocracy began in the early 20th century, when among the elite it was fashionable to get involved in cocaine, which gave such an effect. Modern models, too, were forced to relieve stress with drugs, because alcohol gives extra calories. But as they say in the famous quote: "the fashion for drugs has passed, but many are accustomed." Legend of fashion 2000x in the beauty of a woman's face and body was Anjolina Jolie with high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, large lips and eyes. Her image began to be copied everywhere.

How to get rid of chubby cheeks: methods

  1. First, there is no local weight loss. If you have chubby cheeks, then perhaps you should think about an integrated approach in combating excess kilograms. Often a person loses weight first when weight is lost. You also need to limit yourself to the consumption of salt (it retains water in the body, gives puffiness), to give up alcohol, especially in the evenings.
  2. Secondly, it is extremely difficult to change non-surgicalby the type of person, if you lose weight, and your cheeks are left, because he is genetically asked. By the age of 30, the cheeks fall off themselves, giving the face an adulthood and showing those wrinkles that can not be seen with puffy cheeks. True, most women do not come in special delight from their thin cheeks, because the latter give age, and the ladies dream of regaining the plumpness associated with adolescence, because they do not look like models in glossy magazines with hollow cheeks. To do this, you need the right setting of the light, professional make-up and the hands of a good master of Photoshop. In reality, sunken cheeks give the face a painful look. Many sunken cheeks appear in connection with the stress experienced.


You can correct the shape of the face with the help ofmake-up. Rid of red cheeks will help properly applied blush. It is necessary to make an "acute" shading from the cheekbone to the ear. It is good for these purposes to use a matte blush. And they should be applied with a slight smile. The line is softened by movements that mimic the letter "C". Do not use blush with pink shades. It is better to use peach or terracotta tones. With the latter, try not to overdo it, because it can look as if you rosy with a brick. Make-up should look natural.

Cosmetics and gymnastics

In order to get rid of puffy cheeks, you cantry to use a special face slimming cream. For example, such a series produces "Turboslim" or "Clarins" (Clarins Lift minceur visage). Many people note the effectiveness of these creams. But whether the effect is real for you, will have to be checked in practice. You can also use ultrasonic massagers for face and body (Ultrasonic massager Gezatone Perfect Skin). Very popular means to lose weight in Japan. There are various masks, creams, etc. You can order Japanese make-up online. You can also try modeling massage, gymnastics for the face, for example, face shaping (many exercises can also be found on the net).


If the cheeks do interfere with life,to use surgical way. A surgical operation that can help get rid of chubby cheeks is a decrease in cheeks (removing Bisha), and an increase in cheekbones. It must be remembered that all facial operations, the more affecting the bones, is a serious interference in the body. Recovery will take a long time and painful.

Now clearly expressed cheekbones began to come out ofFashion together with silicone parts of the body and enlarged lips. For example, the famous tennis player Anna Kournikova plump cheeks absolutely do not interfere with being recognized as one of the most beautiful and sexy girls in the world, and also to meet with Enrique Iglesias.

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