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How to get rid of the feeling of fear?

Are you haunted by fear? You do not know how to cope with it?


Very often, a person experiencing fear, feels stress and anxiety. For example, he heard that the coming reduction is coming at work and he is already beginning to worry. As a result, he disappears sleep, increases irritability.

Before his eyes, there are literally sad pictures of a search for a new job. How to live harmoniously and peacefully when the mind is constantly busy modeling these images? The first thing to understand is that it is impossible to get rid of fear. It is an integral part of life.

Do you think it is possible to get rid of all the microbes in the body? To do this, at a minimum, you need to kill yourself. Yes Yes! Kill your body, which consists of bacteria and germs. If you decide to deal with your worrying fear, then you should not do this for one simple reason - life will give you new fears.

This case will save you from fear


I honestly want to tell you that when I get on a plane, I feel a sense of fear. Thoughts fly through my head about whether I will reach my destination or not. But despite this, I still get on a plane and fly.

Why? Because in my life there is a matter that is more precious to me than the fear of flying on an airplane.
Therefore, my advice to you is: “Find the present case.” The purpose of a person is to realize their abilities and talents, to live for the good of others and to bring benefits.


Our task is to learn to give love, not hatred, to show respect, not neglect, to provide support and attention.

Listen to your heart and hear the voice of the destination. When a person is realized for real, he feels happy and harmonious. Time for him turns into a fascinating process that captures completely. At this very moment, he does not think and does not even remember his fears, which had previously bothered him.

There will always be difficulties and problems in life.

No need to waste time and energy to fight them. Be a student who perceives difficulties with the desire to realize and understand what is wrong in his own behavior, character.


Draw conclusions and go forward, realize your goals for the benefit of society.


Everything else is resolved by itself. Look for your purpose and present business - they will lead you to a happy life.

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