How to get rid of gases: tips and tricks

It is not customary to talk about this in society, but we will still talk!

Have you ever wondered why we fart? Although, perhaps, there is no need to think here - this is a natural process that helps our body to rid itself of the air bubble masses that occur in the intestines due to decomposition to get rid of gasesThe main role is played by beneficial bacteria that are in our gastrointestinal tract. However, sometimes farting (gas) is elevated. In other words, we want to emit gases everywhere and everywhere - at home, at work, in bed with our loved ones ... In this case, we are looking for any ways to get rid of gases. About this and talk.

What makes us fart?

To begin with, we will explain that an increased gas emission begins when air accumulates in the intestine, expanding it or the stomach and causing a certain discomfort. This leads to both belching from the mouth and farting from the rectum.There are several reasons for the increased emission of gases, including:

  • fast and not too thorough chewing of food;
  • if a person eats, experiencing some nervous discomfort;
  • binge eating;
  • when we eat in a dream;
  • allergic reaction to certain products, such as potatoes, garlic and mushrooms with eggs.

By the way, farting from pregnant women is the most common phenomenon, because the fetus growing in the womb squeezes the rectum. If the reason for the question of how to get rid of gases, only in this, then you should not bother, but what if not in this? We need to urgently determine it!how to get rid of gas in the stomachAre you pinging? You to the doctor!

If farting is systematic, then you should visit a doctor. It is he who will advise you on this matter, will advise methods and means on how to get rid of gases easily and quickly. By the way, speaking of doctors within the framework of such a delicate topic, it is impossible not to mention the main therapist of our television, Elena Vasilyevna Malysheva. Personally, she doesn’t see anything wrong with over-emission. According to her, she herself gladly "puffs out two liters of air a day" / quote /.And recently, a distinguished professor has approved the emission of intestinal gases ... during orgasm! The doctor, of course, knows better. We will not argue to get rid of gas in the intestinesHow to get rid of gases in the intestines of folk methods?

  1. First of all, try to chew carefully what you eat, and with your mouth closed. This will not allow air bubbles to descend down the esophagus into the stomach, and then into the intestine.
  2. Bifidobacteria are well aware how to get rid of gas in the stomach. The fact is that they are able to create a favorable environment in our stomach, coping well with the emerging air masses, preventing them from entering the intestine.
  3. Drink as much as possible strong coffee and tea. Do not eat too hot or, conversely, very cold foods, because it also contributes to the ingestion of excess air masses and, as a consequence, increased gas formation.
  4. In the end, go to the pharmacy and buy there special tools aimed at deciding how to get rid of the gases in the body. This is activated carbon or special food enzymes.

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