How to grow a tooth: methods and technologies

Today, one of the most popularprocedures for the restoration of teeth is considered a dental technology to build bone tissue. Such aesthetic restoration not only eliminates defects, but also completely restores the teeth after their damage or destruction by no more than 30%.

Basic concepts and methodology of building

Dental building is a set of methods forrestoration of the dentition. The basis of this dental manipulation is the restoration of damaged bone tissue with composite preparations. Due to their wide variety, the aesthetic design of the damaged tooth after the procedure will not be different from the natural and healthy teeth.

Many patients are interested in how to grow a tooth, and at what indications should contact the dentist for their restoration.

For such a dental procedurethere are several methods. How to increase the teeth, what methods are used for this? It is very important not only to restore the original aesthetic state of the tooth, but also to restore its functionality.

Methods of building:

  • Straight. Used for small fractures of the bone tissue of the tooth, is to apply the filling preparations in one session at the dentist.
  • Indirect. Restoring the tooth with the use of pre-prepared tabs, linings, veneers and crowns.

Indications and contraindications

The main reason for such a dental procedure is to create aesthetic beauty of your smile. In addition, the reasons for building up are:

  • correction of the shape of the tooth and its color to create a harmonious dentition;
  • treatment for damage to the cavity in the cervical region;
  • freelance conversions and dislocation of teeth in the oral cavity;
  • a true diastema between the anterior superior incisors;
  • damage to the dentition by tooth decay by more than 50%;
  • mechanical injuries;
  • reduction of the enamel layer.

Any medical manipulation has a number of contraindications, and building-up is no exception. In special cases, the doctor may refuse to carry out the restoration procedure.


  • if necessary, dental treatment;
  • cystic periodontal inflammation;
  • significant destruction of dental tissue;
  • presence of a pathological occlusion;
  • bruxism;
  • age restrictions for some building technologies;
  • The presence of an allergic reaction to the filling materials.

Whether it is possible to grow a tooth, the graduated specialist - the stomatologist-orthopedist should solve.

Varieties of methods

Classification of methods of dentition dependsfrom various composites and materials used during the procedure. How to increase the tooth, what method to use it, decides the dentist-orthopedist after examining the patient's mouth and assessing the problem. Considering the general indications of the gum and all the bone tissue of the tooth, the degree of damage to the tooth root and the amount of the surviving crown part, the technique of building up is determined.

how to grow a tooth

Fillingallows you to grow the front tooth if you have itminor damage. Recommended for excessive fineness of the enamel, the presence of cracks and chips in small sizes and a wide true diastema of the anterior incisors. A wide color palette of composite materials allows restoring the tooth, making it inconspicuous in the dentition.

how to increase your teeth

Tabs (microprosthetics)They are used with indirect method of restoration. The problem of absence of half of a tooth or crowns is solved. The advantage of increasing the ceramic insert is the maximum safety of the healthy tissue of the damaged tooth and the prevention of repeated depulpiating and caries development.

Pinsuse with significant bone losstooth tissue. This method allows you to build a tooth on the root. The use of the pin is possible only if a healthy tooth root is present, since during expansion the pin is fixed in the root canals and then the filling material is layered layer by layer. Such a build-up allows eliminating the defect of missing teeth without damaging nearby ones and making the dentition complete.

Is it possible to grow a tooth

Veneers- thin porcelain plates, superimposed onthe upper surface of the tooth. How to build a tooth with their help? The doctor fixes the veneer on the surface of the tooth with a special glue. The long-lasting result and the presence of an ideal smile incline many patients to this type of building.

Before growing a tooth, it is recommended thatFirst of all visit a dentist-orthopedist. From properly formulated treatment plan it is the orthopedist who determines the correct stage of preparation of the dental cavity for building.

Technology of extensions of teeth

to grow anterior tooth

Many potential customers are interested in howIncrease teeth. The choice of technologies and materials for such dental manipulations depends on the degree of damage. The main stages in the restoration of the dentition:

  • Examination, treatment at the stomatologist-therapist on the basis of the plan of therapy of the stomatologist-orthopedist.
  • Preparation of the dental cavity or root canals, depending on the area of ​​damage to the bone tissue of the tooth.
  • Selection of the color of the material, the most similar to the natural shade of teeth. root up a tooth
  • When applying a direct method, the composite is laminated layer by layer on the damaged area of ​​the tooth. This option is considered fast and leaves the tooth alive, since there is no removal of the nerve.
  • With the indirect method, a region is prepared forfixation of a pin or a tab followed by layer-by-layer overlapping of the filling material on them. This method is used for significant damage to the tooth to grow a tooth
  • After the application of hemocomposite with the final stagewhen building a tooth is its modeling by polishing and polishing. The main task at the end of the procedure is not only the creation of a beautiful tooth, but also giving it a natural form for functioning in the oral cavity. After all, from the health of the oral cavity many factors of the overall health of a person depend.

Care instructions

Care of the oral cavity and teeth after buildingdoes not represent anything complicated. On the first day after the end of the dental procedure, the use of coloring food and carbonated drinks is not recommended. Next, you should carefully observe the basic rules of oral hygiene and regularly visit a doctor for consultation.

Advantages of restoration

Advantages of dental building before other dental procedures:

  • Excellent aesthetic solution.
  • Application of technology that spares the healthy bone tissue of the tooth.
  • Painless procedure.
  • Prolonged use of materials used for tooth restoration.
  • Carrying out the procedure in a short time.

Evaluating the advantages and technology of the procedure for building teeth, you can easily go to the dental clinic to solve the aesthetic problem of the dentition.

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