How to grow kiwi?

It is not known to many that kiwi can be grown inconditions of the garden. Just imagine, fresh kiwi in the garden, grown without nitrates, what can be tastier and more useful? About how to grow kiwi yourself, we'll talk with you in this article.

How to grow kiwi from a seed

First, it should be understood: so that in your garden successfully grow kiwi, of course, favorable conditions are needed. And favorable conditions are a climate that can be called at least slightly subtropical. In other words, there should be:

  1. sufficient heat;
  2. prolonged frost-free period;
  3. high humidity of air.

Just take - plant and grow kiwi will not work. First you need to create a microclimate.

After all the questions about the climate are considered and settled, take a planting pot and fill it with soil. At the bottom is very desirable to put small expanded clay.

Separately it is necessary to say about the preparation of kiwi seedsbefore landing. From ripe kiwi you need to extract all the seeds. Then they should be washed and mixed with wet sand. A scraper with sand should be kept for 1-2 weeks at a temperature of about ten to twenty degrees of heat. After that, put the sand with the seeds in the refrigerator for two to three weeks.

When everything is ready, carefully mix thisSand with a top layer of soil in a pot and sprinkle with constant water at room temperature. Cover the pot with glass or put it in a special greenhouse, put it in a warm and well-lit place. As soon as the first shoots appear, accustom them to fresh air. That is, gradually and not for a long time remove the lid from the hothouse (or remove the glass from the pot).

After the second pair of leaves appears, the plants can be planted in different pots. An adult kiwi plant is a real liana.

In summer, water the plant abundantly, in winter slightly less than in summer. All weak, underdeveloped or spoiled shoots boldly remove.

Correctly planted and carefully selected kiwi,at their permanent place in the garden, begin to bear fruit for the third year after planting. The peak of fruiting usually comes in the seventh year, bringing, with competent care, a crop up to the age of forty.

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