How to improve intestinal motility? Preparations and products that improve intestinal motility

According to statistics, residents of developed countries oftensuffer from diseases caused by disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. The first breaks down the digestive system, as a result of which all sorts of pathologies and diseases develop. Even the ancient healers recommended a change in lifestyle and diet to cope with various ailments.

In many respects due to the proper operation of the intestinea person feels well, his work capacity rises. Any failure in the digestive system immediately affects its health and can contribute to the weakening of immunity and the development of pathologies. Consider in more detail how to improve intestinal motility and restore the digestive tract.

What is peristalsis?

This process is a reduction of the wallsintestine, which leads to food from the upper parts of the organ to its outlet holes. Peristalsis of the digestive tract is very important for digestion. In the process of contraction smooth muscles participate, which are located in two layers in the walls of the intestine - longitudinally and circularly. Due to the coordinated movements of such muscles, a peristaltic wave with a different frequency appears in different departments.

how to improve intestinal motility

As soon as the stomach is filled with food, in the colonicThe gut under the action of the reflex produces peristaltic movements. If such cuts are violated, the absorption of useful substances slows down, food starts to move with difficulty and the process of excretion of waste products from the body worsens. Because of this, everything that is accumulated and not digested by the digestive system becomes a source of toxins and is an excellent breeding ground for the multiplication of various bacteria.

Such a state leads to the development of variousGastrointestinal diseases, which are manifested by disorders of the stool, the formation of polyps and ulcers, inflammatory processes. To prevent this, you should know how to improve intestinal motility.

Causes of peristalsis

Weak activity of the intestine causes a number of provoking factors:

  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • surgical intervention in the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • the age factor;
  • long-term stress;
  • disruption of the central nervous system;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • benign and malignant neoplasms of the intestine;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • taking drugs that can affect intestinal motility.

preparations improving intestinal peristalsis

So how to improve intestinal motility? Constipation is often caused by malnutrition. When a person turns 40, his intestine is usually already heavily slagged, forming fecal stones, which, through the digestive tract, damage his mucous membrane. Violation of peristalsis provokes prolonged constipation, causes stagnation of blood in the organs of the small pelvis, hemorrhoids develop, polyps and tumors are formed.

Symptoms of pathology

products improving intestinal motility

Violation of the intestinal peristalsis is manifested as follows:

  • In the abdomen there are frequent pains of different localization. They can cause both slight discomfort and acute spasms, amplifying and weakening at different times of the day.
  • Flatulence and bloating.
  • Violations of the stool. Long constipation is often replaced by diarrhea. If the constipation becomes chronic, then the intestine will be emptied only by cleansing or laxative enemas.
  • Weight gain. Since the process of digestion and digestion of food is disrupted, many patients begin to recover greatly.
  • Begins to worsen overall health, there is weakness, insomnia, irritability.
  • There are signs of intoxication of the body, allergic reactions develop, the skin is covered with pimples, pustules, rashes.

If such symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor to diagnose and cure the disease in a timely manner.


To diagnose disturbance of peristalsisintestine, complaints of the patient alone are not enough, because the symptoms of this pathology have a similar clinical picture with other gastrointestinal diseases. To exclude such intestinal pathologies as diverticula, tumors, colitis, polyps of the colon and rectum, a number of studies are carried out, including:

  • scrappy;
  • endoscopy;
  • irrigoscopy;
  • the analysis of a feces on a dysbacteriosis and the latent blood.

means improving intestinal motility

In addition, a colonoscopy with a biopsy is performed, as a result of which tissue is taken for histological examination.

Due to diagnostic measures, the reason is explained, because of which there was a malfunction in the digestive tract and an answer to the question: how to improve intestinal peristalsis?

The main methods of treatment

To normalize intestinal peristalsis,several activities are carried out, including the use of medicines, the implementation of special exercises and adjustments to nutrition. A good result is the use of folk medicine: decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs, prepared mixtures that enhance peristalsis.

Treatment with medications

Preparations that improve intestinal motility,have a stimulating effect, increase the tone of the muscles of this organ and strengthen the motor skills. They include: "Proserin", "Vasopressin" and "Acekledin". Reception of such medicines should be carried out under the control of the doctor.

improve intestinal peristalsis constipation

In addition, in order to strengthen the contractile functionbody, use laxatives. Such agents that improve intestinal peristalsis exist in large numbers, which affect certain departments of the body.

Under the influence of such synthetic drugs as"Bisacodyl", "Fenolftalein", "Guttalaks", there is strengthening of the intestine and eliminating constipation. But we must remember that they can get used to, and their use is often accompanied by intestinal colic and allergic reactions.

The course of therapy also includes drugs,which normalize the work of the central nervous system, improve the psychological state and help in the fight against stress - these are tranquilizers, neuroleptics and antidepressants.

Proper nutrition

how to improve intestinal peristalsis with folk remedies

Great importance in the treatment of bowel function malfunctionhas a power correction. Thanks to this, the normal function of the digestive system is established, and toxins are removed from this organ. All products that affect intestinal peristalsis,are divided into two types: reducing it and strengthening it.

To reduce carry:

  • hot drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa);
  • baked pastry (muffins, cakes, cookies, pies, cakes);
  • vegetable purée, mashed soups;
  • quince, pear, compotes of them;
  • red grape wines;
  • chocolate;
  • rice broth, porridge;
  • butter, eggs, meat dishes;
  • bird cherry, black chokeberry.

Products that improve intestinal motility:

  • compotes, mineral water;
  • dairy products;
  • ice cream;
  • vegetables that contain high amounts of fiber;
  • dried fruits;
  • porridge: buckwheat, oatmeal, barley;
  • seafood;
  • greens, nuts.

Treatment with folk remedies

How to improve the peristalsis of the intestines with folk remedies? To do this, use the traditional medicine recipes listed below.

A relaxing mixture. To make it, take 1 tbsp. l. germinated grains of wheat, 2 tbsp. l. oat flakes, 2 apples, 1 tbsp. l. crushed nuts and honey, half a lemon. Apples rub on a large grater and combine with the rest of the ingredients, add 2 tbsp. l. warm water and lemon juice. The thoroughly mixed mixture is consumed unrestrictedly throughout the day.

substances that improve intestinal motility

Decoction of the buckthorn. One tablespoon of buckthorn bark pour 500 ml of boiling water, for some time insisting and drinking instead of tea.

Wheat bran. Take them should be 1-2 tbsp. l., washing down with water. This is a very effective tool for cleansing the intestines and forming the necessary volume of feces.

In addition, traditional medicine offersuse these substances that improve intestinal motility: fresh juices, redechny juice, fruit teas, cabbage pickle, tea with dried cherries and apples. It is also necessary to move a lot, to visit as often as possible in the fresh air, walk on foot, and also to run and swim.

How to improve the intestinal peristalsis in a child?

Treatment of bowel disorders in small childrenchildren depends on the reasons for its occurrence. In case of obstruction and pilorospasm, surgical treatment is performed. In the case of dysbiosis, the child is given drugs that deliver useful bacteria to the digestive tract. If the peristalsis is broken due to an unsuitable mixture, it should be replaced.


Thus, the question: "How to improve intestinal motility?" an answer was received. To do this, use a variety of methods - use medicines, adjust nutrition, and also comes to the aid of traditional medicine. But self-medication is not worth it, but you should always contact a specialist.

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