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To understand how to increase the level of intelligence (IQ) of an adult and adolescent, we will first understand what it is. Everyone has heard about iq and knows that under the name is hidden the IQ of the person with whom education or literacy is associated.

The term came from England and implies the work of thought, mental alertness, intellectual art. Developed tests to determine iq person. Considered age and gender. Intellectual abilities test does not show. The task of the test is to determine the ability to solve problems belonging to a number of areas. If the judge passes the test in the legal field, the indicators are impressive.

If you delve into the process of studying the issue, since the 30s of the last century, scientists have tried to find patterns in the development of mental abilities, correlating the weight and volume of the brain. Studied the reaction associated with the nervous processes, determined the level of intelligence, associating with the level of social status, age or sex.Today, scientists have found that heredity affects the iq level and is subject to increase through exercises and tests. Intellect is not influenced by ability, but perseverance, patience, perseverance and motivation. These qualities are needed by doctors, archaeologists, DJs.

It is proved that in critical and difficult life situations a person with high iq is easier to cope with difficulties, but individual qualities are decisive:

  1. ambition;
  2. determination;
  3. temperament.

Gradually, the tests became more complicated. If initially they consisted of lexical exercises, today there are tests for solving logical problems using geometric figures, memorization exercises or the manipulation of letters in the proposed words.

What is IQ?

IQ is determined and quantified using tests, it is an indicator of a person’s ability to think.

Half of people show, on average, iq from 90 to 110, the fourth part - over 110, and the figure below 70 points indicates mental retardation.

Recommendations for improving the intelligence of adults and children

Psychological features are necessary for successful passing tests at home:

  1. the ability to focus;
  2. select the main and cut off the secondary;
  3. good memory;
  4. rich vocabulary;
  5. imagination;
  6. the ability to mentally carry out manipulations in space with the proposed objects;
  7. possession of operations with numbers;
  8. perseverance

There was an opinion that iq remains unchanged from early childhood. Recent studies have shown that the brain is neuroplastic and creates neurons even in old age, only training is necessary. To train the brain is easy. A 30-minute walk in the fresh air 5 times a week stimulates the production of a protein that promotes the formation of neurons during training.

The mobile and elastic brain remembers and assimilates more information. Japanese scientists say: the more you give the brain to rest, including a strong and healthy sleep, the faster a person produces innovative ideas.

Anatoly Wasserman talks about the development of intelligence

Exercises for the brain to increase IQ

For training it is better to use:

  • learning foreign languages;
  • making words;
  • physical exercise;
  • the acquisition of knowledge;
  • computer games.

Step-by-step exercises

  1. A proven strategy and a difficult task is to learn a foreign language. Possession of two languages ​​causes the prefrontal cortex of the brain to work more actively, improves memory and the ability to solve problems, delaying the manifestation of senile dementia by 5.
  2. The next workout exercise for the brain is word making. In Soviet times, the game "Scrabble" was popular. There is a modern interpretation of the game called scrabble. The game will be for those who want to increase iq, the best friend. Making words from a limited number of letters contributes to the development of literate speech, expanding vocabulary. Also recommended to solve crosswords, the effect is similar.
  3. Moderate exercise will help increase your level of intelligence by 50%. If you are bored with laziness and do not want to do anything, you should pull yourself together and go on the treadmill or walk down the street in quick steps. Cardio workouts have a positive effect on cognitive abilities and help to lose weight.
  4. Getting knowledge - training the brain like a muscle. Instead of watching TV with endless TV shows and negative information, turn on an informative movie about the underwater world or a program from the “obvious improbable” series. If you go on the road, read not jokes, but science fiction. Do not get hung up on one thing, the information should come varied.Scientists say the more emotional the perception of information, the better the long-term memory develops.
  5. Play video games. I foresee numerous objections. Video games contribute to the development of intelligence. The simplest example is military shooters. They improve coordination of movements, increase the perception of visual signals. Games - a source of information material on a specific topic.

To effectively boost IQ, learn to focus on several sources that carry information: listen to the radio and read a book. This skill will not come immediately, even possible headaches from a strong overvoltage and fatigue. Over time, you will learn how to do several things at once.

General IQ Tips

Solve logic problems and tests, crosswords and sudoku. They will contribute to the training of the brain. If there are difficulties in solving a crossword puzzle or other logical problem, look at the answer, remember it, draw conclusions and next time easily solve a similar puzzle.

Expand your horizons, read books, magazines, watch and listen to educational programs and news.Learn to analyze situations, present possible and impossible solutions. So you can develop a figurative and accustom the brain to analytical thinking.

Doctors recommend eating right. Nutritionists advise to eat food in small portions, 4 - 5 times a day. This will maintain a constant flow of blood to the brain. If the food is 2 meals a day and the food is absorbed in large portions, the resulting energy is spent on digestion, and little will be left to feed the brain.

Give up bad habits. If you plan to increase iq, think about how to quit smoking if a problem exists. Tobacco smoke prevents oxygen from entering the brain and impairs its function. Quitting smoking is not easy, it will take tremendous willpower, but the result will exceed expectations and you will come to a healthy lifestyle.

From the history of the study of intelligence

In 1816, Bessel declared that one could measure the level of intelligence by reacting to a flash of light. Only in 1884, a series of tests for visitors to the London exhibition. Tests developed a scientist from England Halston. He assured that representatives of some families are biologically and intellectually superior to others, and women, in intellect, are inferior to men.

What a surprise it was when it turned out that great scientists were no different from ordinary people, and women gave higher results than men. A year later, Cattell developed psychological tests that were called “mental”, which took into account the speed of the reflex, the time of perception of stimuli, and the pain threshold.

These studies made it possible to develop tests where the time that the subject spent on solving problems became an indicator of effectiveness. The faster the subject undertook the task, the more points or points he gained. Scientists have concluded that a person with high intelligence has:

  • common sense;
  • meditation;
  • initiative;
  • ability to adapt to certain life circumstances.

This view was expressed in 1939 by Wexler, who developed a scale of intelligence for adults. Today, psychologists share the same point of view about the ability of the individual to adapt and adapt to the outside world.

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Do not despair if it does not work right away, Moscow was not built right away.

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