How to increase the lips at home?

Nowadays plump, tender, seductive lips are considered an important attribute of feminine beauty. A man will surely pay attention to beautiful female lips, be sure of it! But what to do if nature cheated you, and instead of puffy lips, like Angelina Jolie, you have two strict narrow stripes? We will increase the lips! And about how to increase the lips at home, let's talk right now.

To resort to the help of plastic surgery is a risky and not the best option. The fact is that pumped-up lips look unnatural and vulgar, and if the operation was performed by a bad surgeon, then you can simply disfigure your face. Therefore, we will not use such radical measures, but simply learn how to increase the lips at home, using massage, exercise and makeup.

Lip augmentation exercises

To achieve a good result, perform the proposed exercises every day for a month, preferably twice a day. When you achieve excellent results, you will only need to keep fit, and for this it will be enough to carry out the complex just a couple of times every week.

General rules: before doing the exercises, rinse your mouth with cold and warm water; Perform each exercise 10 times, and then gradually over the course of a month, increase the repetitions to 21 times. And here are the exercises themselves:

  1. Open your mouth slightly, pull your lips forward, then close them tightly and relax your face muscles. The movements in the exercise are similar to how the fish breathes.
  2. Open your mouth slightly, stick out the tongue as far as possible and lock it in a fixed position on the count of three. On the count of two, hide your tongue, close your mouth, and relax your face.
  3. One lips, without opening a mouth, move to the right-to the left, draw the eight.
  4. Type in the full cheeks of air, fold the lips with a straw and slowly exhale the air. At the end of two or three sharp jolts vigorously exhale the remnants of air.
  5. Pull the lips forward, exhale sharply, as if blowing out a candle or blowing out a piece of fluff. On the count of three lips, you can relax.
  6. First, slowly and sings out the vowel sounds O, A, U, I. Then take a deep breath, take in the air full of cheeks and exhale the air through the half-closed lips.
  7. Two to five minutes whistle any tunes.
  8. Type as much air as possible, at the count of six, through the lips that are closed into a tube, blow air with force. Then relax your face, open your mouth and smile in the style of the Cheshire Cat - as wide as possible, raising your lips over your teeth.

Massage and compress

How to increase the lips at home? Morning lip massage will definitely help and it will not take much time. To do this, apply some honey on the lips and massage them with a soft bristled toothbrush. Massage lasts 1 minute. After the massage, apply a balm on the lips before putting on lipstick.

To increase the lips and make their color more saturated, you can go a simple folk way. This requires ice and hot water. First, we smear our lips with ice for a while, and then dip them into hot water. Such a contrast will ensure blood flow to the lips. Repeat several times. At the end of the procedure, the lips can be slightly bitten. The effect will be noticeable a few days after the procedure.

Makeup to create plump lips

How to increase lips at home using makeup? This is the easiest and fastest way to achieve volume lips. Take a lipstick, a pencil and lip gloss of light colors.With the help of a pencil you need to draw a line right along the contour of the lips or slightly higher. If the line is too sharp, it should be shaded to the center of the lips. What color to take contour pencil? They advise light, but many make-up artists say that a light pencil will create blurriness and fuzziness, which is not very beautiful when used ineptly. Take a pencil to match the skin color of your lips or a little darker. Next - lipstick. It must be bright. If you want something more spectacular, then add a little dark lipstick in the center, but to create puffy lips it is better to use lip gloss that matches the tone with lipstick. Glitter gives volume if applied on the center of the lower and upper lips. But with the brilliance, too, need to be careful. If you overdo it, you will look vulgar and ugly. Everything should be in moderation.

That's all the secrets! While the lips are not as plump as you would like, just do a little exercise and massage, while using a competent makeup. You'll see, efforts will bring results!

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