How to pump your neck?

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How to pump your neck?

In just a few months of high-quality and conscientious workouts, you can significantly improve the relief of your neck. Undoubtedly, to have strong and pumped neck muscles is very important for a modern person. In addition to the obvious advantages to the appearance of the owner of a pumped neck, there is the important fact that this will protect your spine from certain injuries. Accordingly, the question of how to pump up the neck, should not only concern professional bodybuilders, but also every person who pays due attention to his health. Speech in our article will focus on how to quickly pump up the neck and neck muscles.

Choosing a path, how to pump neck

Indeed, by enrolling in any gym, you can be sure that you will be told how to build your neck muscles correctly and quickly. There is a wide list of special simulators and methods of pumping the neck muscles, and the result will not take long. But there are drawbacks to this method. The main thing is the need to regularly attend the gym and attend exhausting workouts.In addition, a visit to a good gym and the help of a reputable trainer will cost you much more than free classes at home.

That is why we will focus on how to inflate the neck at home. But be prepared for the fact that you have to really do training and exercises often! Proven fact: the regularity of exercise even with a small load is many times more effective than rare and non-systematic exercises "for wear". But even working with low weight, you should not forget about warming up the muscles before starting to perform direct exercises to inflate the neck.

General rules on how to pump neck

Eliminate jerks and acceleration from your activities. Do all the exercises as smoothly and accurately as possible, but not quickly, this is not the main thing. A standard set of exercises should include at least 3, but no more than 5 different exercises. Each exercise will have to take about 15 approaches. Calculate the load so that you have the opportunity to complete all the exercises. In the early days of classes, it may be difficult.

Different approaches to pumping neck muscles

By and large, all exercises focused on how to inflate the neck can be divided into two large groups:

  1. As a load, you will use only the resistance of your own strength. You do not need any third-party attributes or gadgets. To make it easier to understand the meaning of the exercises of this group, fasten the fingers of both hands into the lock and clasp the back of the head. Now pull your head to the ground (floor) with your hands, and with your neck muscles create resistance. So it is clearer to everyone, even those who are pumping their muscles for the first time and do not have adequate experience in athletic concepts.
  2. The second group of exercises is focused on the use of special tools - pancakes, weights, expanders. Also, to inflate the muscles of the neck, you will need to personally make a certain device of the straps, worn on the neck and head, in which you can put the load. Straps will help evenly distribute the load on the neck muscles.

Neck inflation exercises

Try to perform these exercises in different combinations, choose the most convenient option for you.

  • Tilt your head against the resistance of your palms. The slopes are carried out only back and forth.
  • Resting your hands on the jaw, create resistance to the bends of the head. It helps to pump up the neck.
  • Lie on your back. You will need a fixture with straps and a load. Wearing it, make movements with your head up and down. Proper load can be selected by changing the weight.
  • Now repeat the previous exercise, but lying on your stomach.
  • Stretch your string bag with pancakes on your head with straps and sit on a chair with a back. Secure the belt on your forehead! Throw back your head and swing it up and down.
  • Now try one of the most effective exercises. Stand up, tilt your head, secure the load. Try raising your head and lowering it.

Instead of an afterword

To the maximum extent possible, we did not consider how to pump up the neck on the horizontal bar. Moreover, in addition to high risk of injury, this method is also ineffective, therefore, we will consider strength training of the neck a worthy alternative. By the way, you can see how to pump up the neck, the video is on this page. Good luck to you in the difficult task of pumping neck!

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