How to insert paper into a fax or printer?

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How to insert paper into a fax or printer?

Before you start working with a printer, you need to understand a few simple rules that will help you to print the information you need with high quality and without loss for the equipment:

  • The paper used should be appropriate to the characteristics of your printing device, as well as the purpose of printing, it is very important to carefully study the technical instructions.
  • To prevent sheets from sticking together, lightly shake the stack of paper inserted into the device and tap it on a flat surface.
  • Pull out the printer tray. Check the flatness of the sheets.
  • Pinch the side latches, but not tightly, otherwise it will cause paper to wrinkle during printing.
  • In the settings of the PC connected to the printer, select the paper type that is used for printing, for example, photo paper.
  • Before printing the document you need, select the test print function in the computer settings. This will help you make sure that the device is working without fail.

Jet printer

  1. Lift the stand and slide out its extension;
  2. Open the front cover of the printer and slide out the paper receiving tray;
  3. Move the side guide of the device to the left;
  4. Put the paper under the tabs of the receiving tray upwards, always with the side to be printed, most often it is more white or glossy;
  5. Slide the side guide to the paper to fix it.

Inkjet Photo Printer

  1. Make sure that the photo paper is inserted into the tray of the device correctly, namely, its face layer is facing the print head;
  2. The paper should be pulled as far forward as possible when inserting the printer into the tray;
  3. It is important to remember that photo paper should be of the type that supports your printing device, otherwise you can take the printer mechanisms out of operation.

Common mistakes: how to avoid

To avoid printing problems such as a dull image, a blank page, blurred print, streaks, wrong colors, etc., you should:

  1. Select the best print quality in the Print Options window.
  2. Use smooth and unwashed refill paper.
  3. Carefully check all the specified print settings in the PC,before you start typing your document

In case the printer has jammed the paper, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the printer;
  2. Remove the print settings from the computer so that it does not restart the operation at power on;
  3. Open the printer cover and gently remove the paper (all pieces) and the cartridge;
  4. Close the case of the printing device and reconnect it to the network.

Fax refill

Today, fax still remains an alternative to e-mail in many offices. Almost 100% of Japanese companies use fax for banking and commodity statements, which is very significant for our Internet era, preference is given to the machine, rather than the Internet. How to send a fax, you will learn from our article - How to send a fax. Office staff has to send more than a dozen faxes, and, therefore, it is necessary to fill it with paper. Next will be a step-by-step instruction:

  1. You will need a roll of fax paper and scissors
  2. First, open the fax itself by pressing the side button on its right side.
  3. Before filling the device with new paper, you must remove the remnants of the old
  4. It is important to correctly insert a roll with paper: in the correct position it spins towards the person who holds it. From the beginning of the roll, cut a piece of paper to prevent the factory glue from entering the apparatus.
  5. Insert the edge of the roll into the narrow hole of the fax and remove the paper. The paper should not be tight or loose.
  6. Close the cover of the device by pressing it until it clicks. Click the "Start" button and make sure that a message about readiness to work appears. If it is not displayed, then the paper is inserted incorrectly, and it is necessary to open the machine again and turn the roll with the paper.

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