How to install a hard disk?

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How to install a hard disk?

Hard disk or hard drive - this is exactly the part of the computer, which often requires replacement. This does not happen because it fails; it’s just that the hard disk space runs out faster than other parts become obsolete. In this article we will look at how to replace a hard drive, install a new or second hard drive, without resorting to the expensive services of paid professionals. Moreover, this procedure is absolutely not complicated.

Hard drive formats

Hard drives come in different standards, but we are only interested in the two most common ones:

  • "IDE";
  • "SATA".

IDE today is considered a standard obsolete, but IDE drives are still veryHard drive installationare common.

These two standards of hard drives differ from each other, first of all, by connectors. Both IDE and SATA drives have two of them: a power connector and a data cable connector. The SATA drive has a larger power connector and a smaller connector for connecting the data cable. For IDE drives, the opposite

For an IDE disk, the data cable looks like a loop. In order to connect it correctly, there are special "keys" on the cable connectors, protrusions.The same projections are on the corresponding connectors of the motherboard. When connecting, make sure that they match.

Hard drive installation

Any operations with the hard disk of your computer should be done only when the computer is turned off. Otherwise, it is, firstly, a violation of safety (you can get an electric shock), and secondly, most likely you will permanently and permanently ruin the hard drive.

So, the algorithm for connecting a hard disk, regardless of the format, looks like this:

  1. Connect the power and data cables to the screw.
  2. The second data cable connector is connected to the corresponding connector on the motherboard
  3. The power cable of the hard disk is connected to the correspondingHard drive installationconnector on the power supply.
  4. After you have connected all the cables, we fix the hard drive in the computer case. To do this, the system unit has a separate place on the front panel. There is also a DVD-ROM. Be sure to fasten the hard drive with special screws on both sides. First, it will not allow the hard drive to vibrate in the process. And the vibration is quite capable of physically destroying the hard disk with all the data on it.Secondly, when the hard drive is firmly fixed in the case and fits tightly against its walls, they play the role of an additional radiator and remove heat from the working hard disk.

Useful tips

  1. If you have an IDE standard disc, it connects to the corresponding connectors (IDE channels) on the motherboard. These channels come in twoHard drive installationtypes “Primary”, “primary” (blue) and “Secondary”, “secondary” (black). If you have one hard drive, always connect it to the blue connector.
  2. With the SATA standard disk, everything is easier. It connects to an arbitrary SATA connector on the motherboard. It should be noted that there are several SATA standards: SATA1, SATA2, and so on. They differ only in data transfer speeds, the difference in standards does not affect the connection.
  3. Another complication that can occur when a SATA standard disk is connected is that the old power supply units may not have an appropriate connector. You need an IDE - SATA adapter.

Installing a second hard drive

It is not always possible to replace one hard drive with another, larger volume. And it is not always necessary. Since it is quite possible to install two hard drives in one system unit.Let's take a look at how to install a second hard disk on our computer.

In order to install a second hard drive, it is not necessary to climb inside the case. There are external hard drives, they connect to the computer using a USB cable. Therefore, we consider how to install a second hard disk:

  1. First of all, of course, turn off the power to the computer.Hard drive installation
  2. Remove both side walls.
  3. It is desirable that the second hard drive was of the same standard as the first one. That is, either IDE or SATA.
  4. Connecting a second hard drive is exactly the same as the first, no difference. The only difference is if the IDE disk is in the format, it is connected to the black, “secondary” connector in case you do not plan to make this disk the system one.
  5. In the system unit, as a rule, there is a place for three hard drives. Try not to place the second hard drive close to the first one. Otherwise, they will warm up more, and this is not the best impact on their work and life expectancy. If all cells are occupied - do not save, install an additional fan in the case, aimed at the hard drives.

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