How to install the interior door? Instructions for installing interior doors

how to install an interior door

Interior doors - the integral elements of almost every home. Thanks to their presence, the house takes a finished look after the repair. Interior doors perfectly complement the interior, harmoniously fitting into the layout. These elements create coziness and rationally divide residential areas. As a result, the premises of the apartment do not overlap with each other. If there were no interior doors, it would be almost impossible to sleep in one room, while in the other there is music or the TV is on. However, sooner or later there is a need to repair or redevelop with the replacement or installation of certain elements. In particular, you may need to install new interior doors. To do this, you can, of course, invite a specialist. But it is realistic to carry out the work independently.

General recommendations

If you still do not know how to install the interior door, you should invite a measurer or a friend who is well-versed in repairs. It will help correctly and accurately measure the opening. In addition, an experienced person will advise additional elements that may be required in the work. Experts do not recommend installing new doors in old boxes. Although for someone, it will probably be, if not optimal, then an acceptable option. However, this is not the best way to install an interior door.

Basic information

It is possible to make measurements, of course, without assistance. However, to consult with a knowledgeable person, if you do not know how to install the interior door, it will not be superfluous. The standard width of the opening is considered to be 70-80 cm. It is not necessary to narrow the passage, since it is quite likely that furniture will have to be brought in or taken out, and walking will not be entirely comfortable. Pay attention also to the distance between the wall and the box. It should be enough to fit the casing. You should consider whether you need to purchase a narrow door.Cropped trim will not look very nice. You also need to determine which way the door will open so that it is convenient to enter and exit. Below will be described the work on the installation of concrete or brick wall. Those who do not know how to install the interior door in a wooden house with their own hands, you can use the recommendations below. The only amendment is that you do not need to drill the walls with a percussion drill.

how to install interior door box

Probable difficulties

It should be said that in general, the installation is simple. Problems may arise for those who practically do not know at all how to install an interior door. Installation instructions greatly facilitate the work. It should be remembered that even small inaccuracies in the measurements can create great difficulties later, and the design itself can get crooked. In addition, the door can close badly. This will create additional inconvenience.

You can order as one canvas, and together with the box. The second option is preferable.

If the opening is very large, it is better to install swinging structures. How to install double interior doors? Installation of this design is carried out similarly to a single standard canvas.The only difference is that the hinges are fixed on both sides of the frame. Here it is necessary to observe accuracy when measuring and installing elements. In this case, be sure to check the evenness level.

Where to begin

Having decided how to install the interior door, you should first dismantle the old one. To do this, the cloth must be removed from the loop. Then, using the mount, the old box is removed. Next, you need to clean the doorway: remove loose cement, dirt. The surface must be dry.

how to install interior door photo

First step

So, how to install the interior door? The montage photos presented in the article will allow you to visually see the stages. First, make a cross bar. It must be attached to the top of the door. This is done in order to measure the necessary distance for cutting. Similarly, should be done with the longitudinal bars. There are two of them, as is known. The received crossbeams are fastened with each other with the help of screws. It must be remembered that between the box and the canvas should be a gap. A gap of four to five millimeters is enough. This gap will provide ease when opening and closing, as well as prevent rubbing.

Required items

Before you install the interior door box, you should cut the hinges in it. It is more convenient for many to do this before it is collected. But some cut loops into the already finished frame. Here the choice of each person. First you need to cut loops into the canvas itself. From the lower and upper edges should be measured at 20 cm. At the mark you need to attach a loop and circle its contour. Next you need to make a notch. To do this, take a chisel. Notches do the bottom and top, under the two loops. Then you need to install the second part of the elements in the box. This is done in the same way as described above. You should first attach the canvas to the box and make a mark on it. It should be remembered that between the canvas and the top bar you must leave a gap. It is also 4-5 mm. Then the loops need to be fixed. And to the box, and to the canvas they fasten with screws. Pre-need to drill holes, so as not to split the wood. The side on which the hinges will be fixed should be selected depending on where the door will open. The stores sell various items. You can buy both right and left.When installing them, it should be remembered that the door should be put on the hinges installed in the box, but not vice versa.

how to install double interior doors

Frame Mounting

Speaking how to install the interior door correctly, you need to elaborate on the installation of the support structure. This stage is considered one of the most important in all work. You should approach it with full responsibility. The box must be put in the opening and centered. This is done using a level. Then the wedges should be hammered. In each rack on the right and left, you must drill three holes through. On the walls, thus, also remain marks. After that, the box must be removed from the opening. The marks in the walls are drilled holes with a hammer drill. They need to insert dowels. Then the box is placed in the opening again and centered again. To the wall of the rack are attached to the long screws. They are embedded in the frame, and then closed with special decorative caps to match the color of the whole structure. The clearance between the floor and the door should be at least 1-2 cm. If the flooring is subsequently laid on the floor, there may be more clearance. After the frame is built into the opening, the canvas is hung on the hinges. If the door easily opens and closes, knobs and a lock (if provided) are cut through.

Strengthening the structure

The door panels are mounted in a frame when the thickness of the frame is less than the walls. In addition, these elements allow you to hide easily dirty or uneven slopes, as well as (together with the platbands) reinforce the entire structure, preventing its warping. When mounting doborav should use screws no more than 10 mm. Otherwise, standard elements may crack. From the technological point of view, the easiest way is to install dobora with to install an interior door in a wooden house with your own hands

Interior doors: how to install the doors

On the stools should be placed jamb inner side (opposite loops) up. The angles should be of equal length. In accordance with the standard technology, dobory set in a special place - a quarter. It is located on the inside of the joint. If a quarter is absent, the installation is carried out by additional or applied method. At the bottom of the frame should temporarily nail the wooden plank. In length, it should be equal to the upper door rail. A quarter is selected using a milling cutter. The depth of the notch is equal to the thickness of the hole. Along the perimeter of the frame are attached strips of drywall or plywood (to the outside). They should protrude up to the width of the dobor.There is no need to make a solid frame - 3-4 trimming on the side slats and 2 on the top one will be enough. Plywood is attached with nails, and for fasteners drywall will have to use screws. Dobory need to fit the size. The upper bar should lie between the side. Therefore, it must be cut to the top quarter. The side parts are fitted to the right and left pillar frame. On both sides of the quarter you need to apply mounting glue or liquid nails. Finishing boards are placed in the grooves. Next, you should wait for the glue to dry. Then the temporary lower plank is removed, the plywood, which keeps the holes from falling out. The frame is ready for installation.

Additional details

To install the lock, you need to make a through hole. To do this, you need to take a drill with special drill bits. After the elements are installed, the opening and closing should be checked again. If everything is in order, then it is worth going to the final to install sliding interior doors

Filling foam

Before you do this, the canvas must be closed with polyethylene. Otherwise, the foam can get on it, and removing it will be quite problematic.The door frame must be glued mounting (paper) tape. You need to close the entire surface. The door after foam is filled should be left in the closed position for at least three hours. Previously it is necessary to insert into the gaps between the frame and the canvas narrow plates of plywood or cardboard. This is to prevent the door from squeezing.


For their installation used construction mash. This tool allows you to cut wood at the desired angle. The best is 45˚. So, following the recommendations, you can mount the structure in the opening.

Alternative option

Sliding type structures are considered to be an ideal solution in small rooms with small footage. They fit perfectly in almost any interior, organically complementing it. Before we talk about how to install sliding interior doors, it should be said that they will not only save space, but also secure from pinching between the canvas and the frame.

Work mechanism

how to install the interior door coupe do it yourself

First of all, it should be noted that the system of sliding structures depends directly on the direction of the web and the principle of the guides. Sash can move both along the surface of the wall, and go into a niche.In this regard, you should decide on the choice of canvas. When moving it along the wall, you will need an upper guide. In this case, the door will be suspended. If desired, of course, you can mount the bottom rail. In any case, this mechanism is considered the easiest. For the installation of the canvas, moving in a niche, you will need to use a special pocket. It is made from sheets of drywall coated with metal inside. The cloth will also call in it. This option, among other things, will extend the service life of the door, preventing its damage. However, in this case, it is necessary to significantly expand the opening to make a drywall insert. Next, we consider how to install sliding interior doors that move along the wall.


The design of sliding doors is usually used two or one leaf, as well as profile guides. At the edge of the frame set limiter. It determines the maximum distance to open the door. In addition, the limiter regulates the depth of the rollback.

How to install the interior door coupe with your own hands?

The bottom rail is fastened first.The length of the rails should be 2 times greater than the width of the opening. At the same time one edge of the guide must stand on it from one side to 50 mm. Then rollers are cut from the bottom of the door leaf. Then the door is inserted into the lower guide. Next you need to make labels for mounting the top rails. Here you must use the level. On the made marking the top guide is attached. This is done with dowels and screws. On the one and the other side of the rails are installed stoppers. The upper guide is then closed with a decorative panel. It is mounted with screws. Hats are covered with decorative caps. At the final stage, the door leaf is taken, the upper part of which is tilted away from itself. It needs to be got for the decorative panel. The upper rollers are mounted on the rail, the canvas is lifted and inserted into the bottom guide. In conclusion, the door is rolled several times. If the stroke is soft and smooth, it means that the installation was carried out correctly.

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