How to issue a sanitary book?

Now when applying for a job, the employer often requires passing doctors and getting a health certificate, but how to get a health record? This is what our article will tell about. The most important thing is to have enough time and not be afraid to go through doctors.

Why do you need a sanitary book

You can make a sanitary book with the help of a friend, for example, by purchasing it, but we do not advise you to do this, since you will not recognize your health status then, and this is very important in the conditions of the poor ecology of modern times.

The availability of such a booklet is usually required from workers in the food industry, those who work with industrial goods, any foodstuffs, serving people (communal or domestic), teachers, as they come into contact with a large number of children and, of course, medical staff.

Nowadays, due to poor quality water and other factors, infectious diseases have become frequent, so now many organizations check the falsity of sanitary books, this is possible, since such books are not registered by the state.

And, of course, if the employee does not have this treasured book, he will not be allowed to work, the employer himself is not interested in this, because if the higher authorities find out that the book is fake, the employer will have to pay a fine.

Sanitary book: registration

Sanitary book can be issued in a special public institution or in private clinics. The choice is yours.

Now, in order to get a sanitary book, you need to find out what hygiene is, that is, to undergo this training, then go through certification, later you will receive referrals for various medical examinations.

Professional hygienic qualifications are study, then obtaining certification. And the results of your knowledge on this subject will bring in your book.

So there are happy names of medical examinations that you need to pass annually. They include:

  • therapeutic examination;
  • dermatovenereological examination of a specialist (naturally, you should not be ill with gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis);
  • x-ray image of your thoracic.

Perhaps your work relates to storage, implementation,transportation or production of products intended for food, then you also need to go through some more checks:

  • intestinal diseases;
  • the absence of worms;
  • the absence of typhoid fever;
  • test on enterobiosis.

Where to make a sanitary book

We would advise you to go to the state clinic, which specializes in this matter. If you are going to be, for example, managing a private pool or administrator, perhaps a nurse or a cleaner, then you should go through additional doctors to identify the following diseases:

  • the presence of worms or other worms,
  • tests for the presence / absence of dermatovenerologic diseases

You may want to become a nurse or medical assistant, or a hospice worker. In any case, if you want to work with people, in this case with patients, then you should go through doctors in the following areas:

  • on HIV infection;
  • on anti-HbsAg and HCV.

Workers in surgery, dentistry and other specialists must pass specialists in the following areas: Hepatitis B vaccination; vaccination from another disease, it all depends on the region.

Sanitary book, which doctors to pass

Now you have learned which doctors and on what issues you need to pass in order to get a sanitary book.

Separately, I would add that all people who come from far / near abroad, should make an examination for HIV infection.

Prolongation of the medical book

After a certain time, you will need to renew your book. After two years, you should have a dermatovenerologist examination. Once a year you need to do the following tests for the sanitary book:

  1. therapeutic examination;
  2. helminth eggs tests;
  3. x-ray image of your thoracic.
  4. test on enterobiosis.

Now you have learned how to arrange a medical book for various categories of workers. We really hope that you will pass all the tests very quickly and without problems. We wish you health and long life.

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