How to knit braids?

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How to knit braids?

Embossed large and small braids can decorate any knitted product. They knit by moving the loops to one side. How exactly the braids will cross (right or left) depends on the pattern. For this job you will need additional (auxiliary) knitting needles.

Knit crossed braids

How to knit braidsWe offer you an example of how to knit braids with needles. To knit braids, crossed to the right side, you need to tie the product to the place where the loops intersect, and transfer 2 loops to the auxiliary needle. We leave them at work. Next, you need to knit two loops with extra knitting needles with facial knitting. To link the braids with the cross to the left, you need to transfer 2 loops to the auxiliary needle.

How to knit braids

We leave them before work, we knit two loops with our left knitting needles and loops with an auxiliary one.

Before you knit braids, crossed with each other, you need to transfer 4 loops of facial knitting to the first additional needle, leaving them to work. Then we move 2 purl loops to the second auxiliary needle, leaving them already at work.Using the right knitting needles, we knit 4 face loops from the second knitting needle. Fasten the loops with the second extra knitting needle.

How to knit braids

After that, moving the loops from the right knitting needle to the left one, knit them with a face knit.

Beginner course

When we knit braids for the first time, it is advisable to choose simple patterns from knitting magazines or watch the process of knitting braids with a training video. We suggest you try one simple, but beautiful, knitting pattern.

How to knit braids

For beginners in this difficult matter, we give explanations of some symbols.

Explanation of symbols

An empty square on the proposed scheme means a classic front loop, and if a circle is drawn in its center, it is a classic purl loop. A rectangle consisting of six empty squares, on top of which a wave-shaped arrow with a direction to the right is shown, means an interception of 6 loops having a slope to the right. The first three loops are taken back to the auxiliary needle. The next three loops and loops with the auxiliary needles are knitted. If the arrow is turned to the left, then this is called interception from 6 loops, but with an inclination to the left side.With this technique, the first three loops are moved forward to the auxiliary needle, and the next three loops. Next, knit the remaining loops with the auxiliary spokes.

Knit according to the scheme

How to knit a braid pattern according to the proposed scheme, we will now explain to you. To get started, type on the needles eleven loops and two more for a symmetrical pattern and hem. The first, third, seventh and ninth rows consist of 2 purl loops, 9 front and 2 purl loops. The second row and the remaining even rows are knitted in the opposite way: we collect 2 face loops, then 9 loops, and end the row with 2 face loops.

The fifth row is knitted in the following way: two purl loops are gathered, and the next third, fourth and fifth ones are knocked forward onto an auxiliary needle. Then knit up to the eighth. The third, fourth and fifth are facial, and after them we recruit three more facial and two purl. For some, such a pattern may seem rather complicated. To quickly learn how to knit braids, master class videos can also be viewed on the Internet.

On the last eleventh row there are two purl loops and three face loops. The next three are removed back onto the auxiliary needle, then three more loops are made. They return to the sixth, seventh and eighth loops and knit them with other needles.The row is completed with two purl loops, then the pattern is repeated from the first row.

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