How to knit socks knitting? Socks on two needles

What is winter without warm socks? Naturally, the highest quality will be those that are connected at home. However, not everyone knows how even the simplest models. So, maybe it is time to change it and learn how to make beautiful and warm socks yourself?

socks for beginners

The best option for beginners knitters

The needlewoman, who never held knitting needles in her hands, who wanted to please herself or her loved ones with warm products of "home production", first of all scares the heel knitting. However, there is a way out of this situation - to tie the spiral socks with knitting needles. For starters, this product is good because it does not need to pay special attention to the heel - it will be formed after the first putting on the leg.

It is necessary to start knitting of such socks from a toe and to finish with an elastic band. Of course, this is a bit unusual, but such is the technique of their manufacture. Convenience on the feet of these socks provides a special pattern that resembles a spiral.So, if you still do not know how to knit socks with knitting needles, then first you need to stock up on yarn of the desired thickness and two pairs of ring needles. It is necessary to start knitting from a set of one loop to one of the needles; for this, it is twisted with a working thread, then a second needle is applied (from another pair) and a loop is put on it by throwing a working thread from itself. It is necessary to dial on both needles 8 loops each, lower the end of the thread down and press it with your finger, and then turn the work clockwise.

Toe knitting pattern

Next, the socks on two knitting needles are knitted as follows: the loops of the lower needles should be transferred to the position on the fishing line. Work will continue with the top pair of knitting needles. To do this, take the second knitting needle and tie 8 face loops, then move them to the fishing line and, turning the work clockwise, do the same with the lower loops. After that, the bottom row should again be transferred to the fishing line, and the top one should be knitted, adding loops by movement from oneself. The first facial knit as usual, then add one movement from yourself, the next 6 knit with facial ones, then add one more movement to yourself and knit the last one.A similar operation must be done with loops on the lower needle, without having forgotten to transfer the upper row to the fishing line.

Then there will be a transition again to the top row - the first loop is knitted by the face, then another one is added, the next one (added in the previous row) needs to be knitted with the face crossed (otherwise a hole is formed), the added loop at the end of the row should be similarly connected. The loops on the other knitting needle are the same. Knitting, adding loops, it is necessary to get them in the number of 24. That is, on two needles 48 - this will be the width of the finished product. If you need to tie a small sock, then the loop, of course, should be less. Now you have a little idea how to knit socks with knitting needles, but that's not all!

how to knit socks knitting

Knitting feet and tops

When all the loops are added, you should link two facial circular rows. After that, you should start knitting a spiral pattern. To do this, the facial loops alternate with purl 4 each - on one and on the second side. Another 3 circular rows must be connected in a pattern, that is, the back loops are on the wrong side, and the face loops are the face.It is necessary to continue knitting the pattern in the same way until the desired height of the sock is reached (except for the elastic), but after every 4 rows it will be necessary to shift the pattern one loop to the left, this will result in a spiral.

That is, starting a row, it is necessary to knit the face no longer with 4 loops, but 5, and then again 4 alternate the face loops with the purl. At the end of the row, on the one hand, only 3 loops will remain, depending on whether they are facial or wrong, the first loop of the other side of the same row should be the same, then again by 4. Next, knit the next 3 rows and continue on the pattern - face loops knit the face, purl - the wrong side, and then again shift the pattern one loop to the left. So knit a sock until you get the right height.

Knit gum and closing loops

It is better to tie the last 7-8 rows of the sock with an elastic band - alternating 4 facial and purl loops. It is best to close the knitting of the sock using the two-loop hollow cord method. First you need to knit the face with two loops, then return them back to the same needle. Next, the first of them should be knitted by the person, the second removed, without knitting, then knit another loop and stretch the newly formed loop through the loop of the hollow cord.Thus, one loop was closed, then two loops again need to be returned to the first knitting needle and the same steps are performed, closing another one. And so on until only two loops remain, which you need to connect with the loops of the opposite edge with the help of the working thread and needle. This method may seem difficult for those who have recently begun to knit socks. The diagrams below will help overcome this challenge.

socks knitting pattern

Socks with a heel - knit gum and tops

Socks with a heel are more difficult to knit than spiral ones, but outwardly they look like factory ones, unlike the latter. For those who still do not know how to knit socks with flexible-link knitting needles, it is worth noting that in this product difficulties arise only in the manufacture of the heel, otherwise they should not be.

Knitting a sock should start at the top, that is, with a rubber band. The number of initially collected loops depends on the thickness of the feet of the future owner of the product, the main thing is that their number can be equally divided by two. When all the loops are recruited, you should divide them into two parts, stretching the line. Next, you need to pull the needles so that one side of the loops remains on the flexible bundle, and the other on the spokes, and knit, alternating 2 purl, 2 facial.Then drag the line and do the same with the opposite side. Similarly, continue to knit up to the height of the gum at 8-12 cm.

two-knit socks

Knitting heel and toe

To form the heel of the loop of the upper side of the sock, it is necessary to leave it on the fishing line, and from the loops of the lower part to knit the heel. You can do this as follows: knit several rows, alternating purl and face. What should be the number of these rows, can be calculated by the formula: (nn: 3) x 2, where n is the number of loops of this series.

Further, it is necessary to divide all the loops of the series into 3 parts and continue to knit the socks with knitting needles. The heel will be formed due to the fact that the last loop of the middle part and the first third part must be knitted together when knitting from left to right and right to left. Knitting the heel ends when only the middle part loops remain on the needle. After that, you need to get on both sides of the initial number of loops by pulling from the closed parts and continue knitting in a circle with the front satin stitch before the toe begins.

socks knitting heel

To knit a toe, you need to knit one front loop, one to remove, the next to knit the front loop again, and then stretch it through the one that was removed. At the end of the upper part of the sock should knit two loops together and one face. The same must be done with the bottom of the sock and continue knitting until 4-6 loops are obtained, which will need to be pulled together with a thread and hidden inside. It remains to tie another sock and you can enjoy their warmth and comfort, or give to someone from loved ones.

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