How to learn to drive a car

How to learn to drive a car? This question was asked at one time or another by many people. The reason for this desire can be very different. However, there are only two ways to do this.

1. The first option - driving school. Typically, courses include practical and theoretical training. How to learn to drive in a driving school? Start learning is worthwhile with the theory course. Classes usually take place in the classrooms, where the instructor tells the students about the traffic rules, the common situations on the road and the path of a decent exit from them.

Practical training in all driving schoolsis divided into two or three parts. The first is training on the simulator, which are not present in every driving school. He not only guarantees the student safety, but also extremely effective, since with such a simulator it is much easier to cope with nervous overstrain. The second part is driving on the site (in another - maneuvering). At this stage, the student gets knowledge about how to move and stop, how to park in reverse, how to maneuver between cones, to move into the hill (this exercise is also called an overpass). In the classroom, a person learns to feel the dimensions of the machine. Classes usually take place on an equipped site, by car belonging to a driving school.

Stage three is driving through the city. Here, the skills acquired in the past stages are combined. This is the most important part of the training, associated with high emotional stress. And no wonder! After all, there are other participants on the roadway. Completion of training will be internal, and then the external examination. They usually surrender without special difficulties.

Pros of driving in a driving school:

- A complex approach;

- organized exam in MREO;

- The cost of an hour with an instructor is usually quite cheap.

Learning disabilities in a driving school:

- low quality;

- the availability of a mandatory number of hours of practice.

2. The second way is driving lessons with a private instructor. How to learn to drive with him? To do this, the student takes a little more effort. But in return he will receive money savings and a guarantee of quality education. This path can be divided into four stages. This option is suitable for those who think how quickly to learn how to drive a car.

The first stage is the study of traffic rules. Here you can use the theoretical course of a driving school. The cost is low, the duration is about five to six sessions. The second stage is maneuvering, that is driving the car on the site. At the same time, the quality of training with a private trader is much higher, and the process becomes much shorter, and the total cost is lower. How to learn to drive with an instructor around the city? As in a driving school, it is necessary to combine the theory and practice obtained on the site. A private autoinstructor will help to defeat fear. Due to this, the student gets the necessary skills faster and saves money at the same time. In addition, the instructor will help to disassemble the route and explain all the complicated places. The fourth stage is passing the exam. The rights are surrendered externally. It is necessary to prepare the necessary documents, to cope with the exam and get a driver's license.

Pros of teaching a private instructor:

- quality training;

- Responsible approach of the teacher;

- Short training.

Learning disabilities from a private instructor:

- the student is responsible for the level of practical and theoretical training;

- assessment of one's own skills;

- the need to arrange the documents;

- independent surrender of rights.

Get a driving license nowadayseveryone can. The main thing is to honestly learn the rules, maneuvers and pass on the rights independently, without bribes. How to learn to drive a car - we told you. Only actions are required of you.

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