How to learn to laugh?

Each of us would like to be the owner of a beautiful, fun and infectious laugh. You have heard the laughter of a small child, who is ringing out the bells, and the cheerful laughter of the elderly people? After all, the youngest children laugh heartily, and the elderly do not have the conventions and grimaces that are inherent in young age. Try to pay a little attention to your laughter, because laughter is a reflection of your inner world and emotional state. And the main thing in laughter is that it is a source of good health and longevity of each of us.


How to learn to laugh beautifully and correctly? Try to follow a series of tips that will surely help you make laughter sincere and beautiful:

  • Record your laughter on video or voice recorder. In order to do this, you only need to install the camera in an inconspicuous place in the room where your company meets. Try to forget about it and behave naturally with your friends. Remember that the camera increases any flaws in your behavior.Look at the record with your behavior, analyze the volume of speech and the tone of laughter. So you can identify the shortcomings, and then correct them.
  • In how to learn to laugh beautifully, analysis of the reasons for your embarrassment of sincere laughter will help you. Ask your associates about the shortcomings of laughter they hear from you. It may be that you cover your mouth with your hand or you have slightly yellowed teeth. This problem goes away after going to the dentist. If your laughter is accompanied by grunting or looks like a cackle, then you should control yourself and work on all your sounds. Of course, laughter out of place generally speaks about the lack of culture in a person. Here you need a desire for self-development in a person, otherwise you will not be able to overcome such a drawback.
  • The temperamental person often laughs very loudly. Try not to open your mouth wide and do not throw your head back. So you will create a barrier to sounds and you will not understand how to laugh. Faster you have to cry than to stun everyone around you with loud laughter.
  • Immediately get rid of sniffing, wheezing, squeals and, excuse me, neighing.Such funny features of your laughter can simply scare away those around you who do not know you. The beauty of manners immediately becomes a taboo with such a specific laugh. In this case, the methods of self-control help: imperceptibly pinch yourself by the hand - this will distract you from the subject of laughter and restrain inappropriate sounds.
  • Watch the position of your lips. After all, the wider you open your mouth while laughing, the more likely it is to spit at your interlocutor, and you can make an unpleasant sound. Do not squeeze too lips, but try to restrain from wrong actions. If you just smile broadly, you will hear a completely different, melodic and listenable laugh.
  • Rehearsing in front of a mirror will also help you understand how to laugh beautifully. You should not make a mock and scenic laugh. You need to have a sincere and relaxed laugh, which will delight the ears of those around you.

How funny to laugh in the company? Be sincere, ringing and full of emotion when you laugh. Then others will want to laugh with you. Be able to feel humor, smile, appreciate jokes and just enjoy your time.After all, there is nothing better than a sincere and charming laughter in a company that adds to every person the beauty and aesthetics of his manners. I hope that we have helped you understand how to laugh in any situation, and our material will be useful to you.

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