How to learn to make a wheel?

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How to learn to make a wheel?

About tires, disks and cameras we will not speak,our conversation about how to learn to make a wheel, in the sense of an acrobatic stunt. The spectacle of artistic gymnastics is admirable, but it's possible to try it yourself. The acrobatic wheel is one of those exercises that you can learn yourself at home. Of course, with a certain proportion of training, availability of a place and observance of basic safety rules (it is good if you have an assistant who can hedge).


Before learning to make a wheel, you need to prepare a place and yourself.

  • Preparation of the place. This is a prerequisite, as learning how to make a wheel without having an appropriate place simply does not work. And the appropriate place, this place is spacious, without extra items around, high enough (so as not to knock down the chandelier). Well, if you can study in the hall, where there are also mats. Nothing should constrain movements, no sharp corners around. A free wall is useful.
  • Preparing yourself.
    1. Choosing clothes. It should not impede movements or interfere with your excessive baggy. Well, if it's short elastic shorts or lacines, fitted elastic top (T-shirt), which will not roll off you in the "upside down" position. As for shoes, the choice depends on the venue. If these are smooth floors, then choose shoes that do not slip over it.
    2. Muscles. Preheat before you go to the exercise, razmomnites, make a set of preparatory exercises.

Acrobatic wheel: instruction

To get started, it will be useful to learn how to learnmake a wheel on video clips. Carefully review the technique of execution, the position of the legs, hands, all the smallest movements: where to start, what does each part of the body do in the course of the exercise, how to finish. Pause in the video, consider the position of the body.

  1. It's good to start learning to stand on your hands. First at the wall, so that you can rest against it with your feet; you can ask someone to hold you.
  2. Try to stand up, as if you are going to make a wheel. Determine the side that is convenient for you (from the right foot or from the left). You can try to make a wheel (though not at all like a wheel at all).
  3. So, stand up the convenient side. Let's say this is the left side, i.e. we stand directly (slightly turning). The sequence of your movements will be as follows: take a step with your left foot, lower your left hand (in our example) to the floor, while pushing with your right foot (do not lower your legs), put your right hand on the floor, tearing off your left leg. When the left leg reaches the vertical position, the right one is lowered to the floor, and you will feel that it is time to tear off the hands from the floor: first left, then right.

Be prepared that at first nothing at allit will turn out. From my own experience I say that the main thing is to sharpen the movements, that is, constantly, once or twice, do and make the wheel. You must achieve a single smooth movement.

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