How to make a beautiful manicure?

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How to make a beautiful manicure?

Quality and original manicure requiredallocate a woman among others. Let's find out how to make a beautiful manicure at home, especially since this is not a problem today. At the same time, we will not only describe the necessary accessories for our manicure, but also give some interesting options that may well come to taste even the most picky beauties.

How to make a beautiful manicure itself

First of all, we need a good setmanicure brushes, because of their quality will directly depend on the quality of the manicure itself. At the same time, try to collect a variety of interesting and interesting brushes, because the richer the choice, the more beautiful and original will your manicure. What features should I pay attention to when choosing brushes? We list them:

  • the villi should fit tightly to each other, so to speak, "stick together", and not "to ruffle" - this is what indicates the quality of the nap;
  • pile should be covered with a special gumming gel to preserve the desired shape and for it to dry up and not become stiff;
  • watch the price-quantity ratio whenselection of sets of brushes. It is the quantitative indicator that plays a role here, since a good set of 15 brushes can not be cheap. Of 7 - perhaps, out of 15 - never, in this case, you will most likely be sold brushes from poor-quality pile;
  • standard set for manicure is not less thanthan from 7 brushes intended for performance of various works. To perform highly artistic manicure, try to get a set with a lot of brushes. Savings will lead to the fact that you, most likely, simply will not be able to perform some elements on the nails - either due to lack of the required brush, or because the brush is of inadequate quality.

But what if you still want to make beautifulmanicure, but some elements from the set is not enough? There is a way out of this situation. Thus, a wooden stick used for laying decorating stones, rhinestones and brooches, can easily be replaced with a conventional cut brush. Dots of different types can be replaced only with a needle and a pencil, and without a liner one can perfectly manage with only a toothpick. Well, now to the specific drawings illustrating how to make a beautiful manicure at home.

Manicure Options

In the beginning I would like to note that the inventiveyoung women use the most original ideas for their manicure. It would seem, than the classical French manicure can surprise us, when the transparent varnish is supplemented with a white strip, which is applied to the tip of the nail. However, what if the strip is not white, and the varnish is not transparent? And if you add to this unequal color combinations on certain nails? Probably, you already guessed that the number of possible variants of such a manicure simply can not be calculated, which means that your manicure will be unique. Well and at last some more excellent ideas.

  • Look, what an interesting application you can find broth:
    Manicure with broth
  • The next option, which we will consider,called "Lacy nails." To do this, you must first paint and dry your nails, and then glue to them the leaves that you pre-cut out of some lace. The glued lace is fixed with a fixer. Here are examples of this technique:
    Manicure using lace
    Lacy Nails
  • Very nice look and the so-called"Fluffy" nails. To do this, you need to process the nails with a special kit, which includes varnish and a special powder, which creates a "fluffy" effect for your marigolds. And here is a photo with an example:
    Fluffy nails
  • Do you want something completely unusual? Buy a lacquer with a glow effect - ultraviolet. If you paint nails with such a varnish, they will glow in the dark, as this varnish absorbs light throughout the day, to then radiate a sufficiently bright glow in the dark. In a word, as the song says: "mass options - a menu for all tastes". Also you can watch a video of how to make a beautiful manicure. And directly about the technique of manicure you can get a lot of useful information from our article on how to properly do manicure at home: "How to do a manicure at home?".

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