How to make a fire?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
July 10, 2012
How to make a fire?

At the height of the tourist season, thousands of tourists go to the woods, parks, summer cottages, to the banks of reservoirs in order to relax in nature and sit by the fire. But how to make the rest not turn into a tragedy, and the memories of it were only positive?

When you make a fire, first of all you should take care of the environment and your own safety. Be sure to know how to make a fire, so that as a result neither the forest, nor you yourself will suffer.

Remember a few simple rules that should be strictly followed in setting fires.

  • A bonfire can only be raised in an open area, away from shrubs and trees.
  • It is forbidden to breed fires in the area of ​​peatlands, logging sites and windbreaks.
  • You can not leave the fire at night without supervision.
  • It is not necessary to settle down for the night near a burning fire, if there is a need for this, you should leave the person on duty at the open fire.
  • When leaving the parking lot, it is necessary to carefully put out the fire and bury hot embers into the ground.

In addition, you need to properly prepare a place for the fire: you must remove all dry vegetation on the site with a radius of one and a half meters. For additional insurance, you can dig up the land around the campfire.

How to make a fire: laying firewood

Firewood should be laid in one of the following ways:

  • The “well” is the simplest type of fire, giving a low, wide flame. For it you need to lay down thick logs in the form of a log house.
  • The “hunting” bonfire is made of three logs on a lining. It can burn up to 8 hours.
  • The "star" fire is made of logs in the form of a hexagonal snowflake. It burns for a long time, does not require increased attention.
  • "Polynesian" fire and "hearth" are kindled in a previously dug pit, which is surrounded by stones. Burn for a long time, give a lot of coal.

First, paper or other quickly combustible material is laid, there is brushwood and thin sticks on top, and only then thick wood. It is better to set fire to a fire in several places at once, so the brushwood will take up more quickly, and from it thick wood.

How to make a fire without matches

Surprisingly, sometimes tourists forget the main thing - matches. How to make a fire?

You can use the classical method: sliver, wand and Indian. In fact, this method is quite time-consuming, so it is better to cut the spark with a sharp stone and an ax (or flint and flint).

If there is a sun, then you can use a lens (or glasses, binoculars, a camera) and dry grass.

But there is also an apothecary method: for 1 gram of potassium permanganate, ground into powder and poured into the place of the future fire, you need to drop 3 drops of glycerin. Hands need to quickly remove, and in the resulting fire pour dry grass. These methods are suitable for difficult weather conditions.

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