How to make a music card with your own hands from a regular postcard?

For almost 150 years, the delivery or sending of a postcardby mail is a common way to congratulate a friend, acquaintance or relative with this or that holiday, anniversary or with another joyful event. There are many varieties of such "letters without an envelope," including a surprise. For example, an original music card will be an excellent choice. Anyone who can work with scissors and paper can make it with his own hands and is ready to show imagination and patience.

how to make a music card

A bit of history

The first postcard appeared during theFranco-Prussian War in 1870, when soldiers began to send their relatives short messages on postcards, accompanying them with their drawings. Soon the publishers appreciated the commercial value of this idea and began to produce illustrated postcards of various content, including those timed to various holidays. After 120 years, a music card appeared in France. When these single-page books were opened from cardboard, contacts were closed, resulting in a battery, speaker or microprocessor playing a melody. Polygraphic products with a musical surprise immediately began to enjoy great popularity. For example, a huge circulation of musical greeting cards with Valentine's Day or congratulating with Christmas was very quickly sold out.

Can I make music cards from February 23rd or another holiday with my own hands?

As already mentioned, the device of congratulatorybooks with electronic stuffing is extremely simple. Anyone will be able to cope with their manufacture, especially if you use a ready-made music card, creating a new design for it. It is also possible to create a booklet with congratulations, as they say, from scratch. For example, music cards with Valentine's Day can be made with your own voice recognition in love.

musical postcards from February 23

What is required?

In order to make a musical card from the usual for the congratulation of a mother, sister or grandmother, for example with a birthday or with a woman's day, you will need:

  • circuit;
  • scraps of cloth;
  • dense cardboard;
  • paper;
  • lace;
  • beads, rhinestones and sequins;
  • feathers;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • stencils;
  • glue.

How to make a paper music card: where to start?

First of all, you need to find a ready-made option,strumming a suitable composition. It will be strange, if the postcard, intended for congratulations on March 8, will open to the melody of the song Happy Birthday. Then it should be extracted from the electronic stuffing. Further:

  • from a cardboard a rectangle of the suitable size is cut out - a basis of a card;
  • bend it in half;
  • leaving a free space on the cover of the resulting booklet for a congratulatory inscription, begin the process of decorating.

musical greeting cards with Valentine's Day

Decoration Greeting Cards

To decorate congratulations with a musical surprise from ordinary or colored paper using a stencil, cut out leaves, butterflies or flowers. Then:

  • paste on the cover diagonally a strip of lace of contrasting color;
  • "Put" on him butterflies;
  • spread with crystals or beads any suitable ornament;
  • the contour is written "Congratulations on March 8!" or "Happy Birthday!";
  • leave the postcard to dry up.

Generally, those who want to learn how to doan original music card, you should buy a special set for creating works in the technique of scrapbooking, which is sold in any store for needlework. This will create an original greeting in a fashionable vintage technique that will cause general admiration.

The final stage of work

Those who ask how to make a musical card, first of all, are interested in how to make it "sing".

For this:

  • open the "book";
  • On the inside, glue (fix with adhesive tape) the musical element so that it turns on when you open it;
  • from above mask it with a lace or a suitable cloth scrap.

All! Now the card is ready, and your relative or friend will appreciate the creativity of your congratulations.

music card yourself

The brutal version

Having dealt with how to make "female" greeting cards, it's time to try to make music cards from February 23.

It will be interesting to look a woven version with the use of any fabric with camouflage pattern.

The biggest problem will be the selection of a finished postcard with the corresponding melody. If you can not find it, then below is a method how to make the card "sing" the desired melody. Further:

  • A sheet of cardboard selected as a base is folded in half;
  • on the whole of its outer surface an even layer of PVA glue is applied;
  • glued cloth flaps with camouflage pattern;
  • make small holes and insert asterisks for shoulder straps (you can sew a button with a coat of arms from an officer's tunic or a souvenir with a star);
  • glue the chevron;
  • On the reverse side, a musical element is fixed with adhesive tape;
  • glue with glue and glue the camouflage fabric so that the musical element is under it;
  • on a piece of paper they write congratulations on February 23;
  • paste on the inside of the postcard;
  • decorate the edges of the St. George ribbon.

how to make a paper music card

How do I set the right music theme?

If you are not afraid of any wiring and chips, then below is an instruction from which you will learn how to make a music card that performs a specific melody.

First of all, I'll have to glue a little booklet with boxes, inside of which you can hide the electronic stuffing.

The basis of the circuit is a motherboard with the chip aP8942A. It allows you to record a message or a musical fragment of up to 42 seconds.

The scheme is quite primitive, so any novice radio amateur will cope with it.

To build, you also need a speakerresistance of 8 Ohms and power 0.5 W, 2 transistors KT315 and battery GR2035 (the total voltage of both should be 6 volts), mounting wires, 4 multi-colored LEDs, as well as a button with contacts that open when pressed. The battery socket, if not ready, can be made from the mouth of a conventional plastic bottle. Then a spring from the old remote is inserted into the bottom of the plug. The threaded part of the neck is closed with a grid made of copper wire, which plays the role of a second electrode.

It will also require a special device -programmer aP89W24 USB, which allows you to record a melody that you like, or a voice message. It will be difficult to get it. In addition, it is not cheap, but once you purchase such a device, you can use it repeatedly.

It remains only to assemble the circuit as shownin the figure below, insert it in the postcard-box and glue the postcard. Then it will be necessary to decorate the souvenir according to what holiday it is timed to.

how to make a music card from a regular greeting card

Now you know how to make a music card, and you will be able to make an original gift with a surprise yourself to please a person close to you.

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