How to make a plate in Minecraft?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
September 19, 2014
How to make a plate in Minecraft?

Plates in Minecraft can be useful for different purposes. There are several types of plates - wood, iron, gold, stone. They all function as a switch or button. As with the other items in this game, it will take resources to craft tiles. Below will be described how to make this or that plate in Minecraft.

How to make a pressure plate in Minecraft?

If you built any structure, then to activate it you will need a pressure plate to supply the object with electricity. You can make it out of various materials, but it is easiest to get exactly the stone. So, for crafting a stone press plate, you only need two cobblestones. The first must be placed in the central cell of the workbench, and the second - directly below it.

As a result, it will be possible to get a stone slab. But that is not all. To get the pressure plate, connect the wire to the unit. This will connect the item to the electrical network.

To bring the pressure plate into action, you need to put a current on the wire and get on the object. The pressure plate can be used not only as a switch. This item can be included in the traps for mobs.

Wooden pressure plate

Reflecting on how to make a plate in Minecraft, you can try to craft it from wood. She will have the same properties as the stone. To craft a wood slab, you need to lay 2 logs on the workbench, the first one in the center, and the second under it. To activate the plate, you will need not only to stand on it, but also to drop some object. After that, the wooden plate can be used at your discretion.

Weighted plate

In Minecraft, everything is possible, so you can weight those or other plates, and you will have a completely different object in your hands. You can, for example, craft a daylight sensor, which is also a slab. This will require the following resources:

  • 3 glass blocks;
  • 3 quartz lower world;
  • 3 wooden plates.

Place the resources on the crafting bench in the order in which they were given. After that you will have a daylight sensor in your hands. It can be used as an element of decor, or attached to a particular thing, if it is lost, then it can be easily found by a signal.

How to make a gold press plate in Minecraft?

The pressure plate in Minecraft can also be made from gold. To do this, place two ingots on the crafting bench (one in the very center, and the other under it). That's it, the golden plate is ready. However, it must be activated. To do this, stand on the subject, and then throw something at her.

Similarly, you can craft an iron plate. However, to activate it will be enough to stand on it.

As you can see, making a pressure plate from various materials in Minecraft is easy. Successful craft!

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