How to make a plate?

Natalia Stepanovich
Natalia Stepanovich
January 29, 2013
How to make a plate?

The paper plate is an excellent addition to the interior of the children's room, as well as the kitchen. Placed on the walls, paper plates are great replace paintings. And made in a bright and multi-colored style, such plates, no doubt, will delight your baby. Let's see how to make a plate and what we need for this. Today, there are several ways to make a paper plate.

Before you make a plate of paper, choose the method that suits you and make sure that you have prepared everything you need.

First way

We will need:

  • tassel;
  • potato starch;
  • plate;
  • old newspaper;
  • dishes to cook glue.

We need to prepare the glue, which we will cook from starch and water. We put water on the fire and after it boils, we fall asleep a little starch. Within a few minutes, boil our mixture, and then stud. Next, we moisten the prepared plate with water and gently sculpt to its bottom pieces of paper.All subsequent scraps of paper will need to be dipped in glue and attached to each other. Our product needs to dry thoroughly. Best to leave overnight. Then you can carefully separate the paper plate from the workpiece. If necessary, dub the edges. Now you can paint and decorate it with beads, beans, colorful buttons and walnut shells. Beans and shells can also be painted in any color you like, and then, covered with varnish, glued to a paper plate.

Second way

We will need:

  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • compass;
  • a sheet of cardboard or paper.

Take a sheet of paper and draw a circle in the middle. Then we cut a triangle of small size on one of the sides. In this case, the upper corner of the triangle should be in the middle of our sheet. Next you need to roll the bowl in the form of a cone out of a sheet of paper and secure its edges. Now we bend the sharp end inside our product, thereby creating a stable bottom for a paper plate. Such a plate can be used both as a decorative item and as a dish for various bulk products.

For any holiday or picnic in nature, the origami plate will be a great decoration. For the manufacture of such plates, you can even use gift paper.With such an elegant plate, even an ordinary breakfast on the grass will acquire completely different colors.

If you still have questions about how to make a paper plate, you can use the visual instruction:

Making a plate of paper: part oneMaking a plate of paper: part two

You can make a paper plate yourself, but it is better to ask your family for help: husband and child. Children love to feel needed and useful. Someone will prepare the glue, someone will glue pieces of paper, and small artists can do the painting and decoration of your product. In any case, it will be a jointly held evening, filled with a mass of cheerful impressions.

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