How to make a spring?

If you like to invent, invent various interesting crafts, for many of them you may need a spring. It will not be possible to make a spring quickly, because no matter how simple it may seem, you still have to work hard. Before you make a spring, you need to make an auxiliary device for twisting the rod. It will hold the steel bar, and you will begin to make turns, turning the workpiece into a spring. You must follow the safety rules to avoid injury, because the work will be carried out with a hammer and a drill.

What you need for the spring

  • Vice (2 pieces);
  • Drill or hammer drill;
  • Steel bar to prepare the spring (1 piece);
  • Nails (one or two). You can use a thick thread to fasten wooden planks. To nails need a hammer;
  • Billets plates (wooden, 2 pieces);
  • Wire for the invention (1 piece).

Instructions for making the spring

The device that you will manufacture will allow you to make turns on a wire, turning it into a spring. You need to start with the preparation of plates. For this you need a nail and a drill.

  • Look and estimate the size, or rather, the diameter of the rod on the cut. It is this size that the hole made in the plank by the drill should be. You can attach the edge of the spring to the plate (on the side), mark the diameter with a pencil and make a hole a few millimeters smaller, because when the wire is wound, turning into a spring, the rod will make the hole a bit larger.
  • Take both planks, knock them down with a nail or tie and thread, make a hole with a drill. If you do not know how to make a spring with your own hands, you need to follow step-by-step actions, and then everything will work out. Now we need to make another hole to insert a rod into it, to fix it in order to start winding the spring.
  • Before you start to twist the spring, you need to prepare a rod. It is necessary to make a handle at the end of the rod, bending the blank slightly to the side. This will help make the turns on the wire and turn into a spring. You can attach a plastic or wooden block to the iron handle to make it easier to hold.
  • Now place the rod in the hole, look at where the intersection of it and the top hole will be.You will need a wire that you put in a hole made for the rod to secure it. Now put a mark on the rod at the place of its intersection with the top hole. You can paint on it and then cut it to make a cell. Make room to fit the wire.
  • It is necessary to place wooden blanks in a vice, fasten them there. Then you should insert an iron rod into the holes, into which you place the wire so that it will be in the cell prepared in advance. It is necessary to push the edge of the wire into the hole, fix it in the hole on the rod. When everything is prepared, you can begin to invent the spring itself.
  • Begin to make rotational movements with a rod, holding it by the prepared handle. Twist the wire in a circle to make turns. Rotate the rod handle along its axis, the spring blank will be screwed on. When the wire is completely wound on the rod, it will pass on the other side of the wooden device, but in the form of a spring. That is, the spring itself comes out at the bottom, so put a vise on the edge of the table. Carefully remove the spring without removing the rod from the vice. Now the spring is ready!

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