How to make a summary?

Synopsis - this is the statement of the stating provisions of the text, which is characterized by brevity, coherence and consistency. Synopsis (from the Latin conspectus) - review. Both schoolchildren and students write notes, because they are an integral part of the educational process. This article will discuss how to make a summary correctly so that it contributes to memorizing certain information.

Classification of abstracts

There is the following classification of notes:

  • Plan outline First you need to write a plan of the text, and then comments are made on the points of the plan: freely stated text or quotes The outline helps the teacher to orient himself in the process of conducting the lesson: the teacher makes sure that he has time to give a certain amount of material and not to forget about one of the objectives of the lesson. Writing plans, notes, future teachers are still studying at the university and during teaching practice. The outline of the lesson records the topic of the lesson, its goals, the course of the lesson (rules, exercises, homework).
  • Thematic summary - a summary of this topic using several sources.
  • Textual summary consists of quotes of one text.
  • Free abstract - quotes and own wording.

Summary recommendations

And now about how to make a summary. First, determine the purpose of writing notes. When you read the material under study for the first time, select its main semantic parts, determine the main thing, draw conclusions. If you are compiling a plan, consider which items you need to include in it in order to reveal each position. Summarize the most significant information (theses) in your own words or write down in the form of quotations.

Thus, the summary includes the main points, facts, examples and conclusions. Use the legend, abbreviate individual words. Highlight items and sub-points, underline, highlight keywords in color. The value of the abstract is that the author can write it not according to a given pattern, but in a convenient way.

Note taking rules

Write down the name of the text or part of itMark the output (place and year of publication, publisher name). Understand the content of the text. Read the material twice. Make a plan that will be the basis of the notes.

In the process of taking notes, leave space (wide fields) for notes, additions, names and unfamiliar terms. You should be noted that requires clarification. Write the record in your own words that will help a better understanding of the text.

Follow the citation rules: the quote should be enclosed in quotes, give a link to its source, indicating the page. Classify knowledge, i.e. distribute them into groups, chapters, etc. You can use the letter designations of the Russian or Latin languages, as well as numbers. Charts, diagrams and tables give clarity to the outline. Consequently, the material under study is easier to digest.

Synopsis can be recorded in notebooks or on separate sheets. Notebooks are convenient to carry on lectures and seminars. It is recommended to leave the field for further work on the outline. You can make additional notes, notes and points of the plan.

The benefits of skill acquisition

Thus, taking notes

  • helps understanding and learning new material;
  • contributes to the development of skills and abilities competent presentation of the theory and practical issues in writing;
  • forms the ability to express in their own words the thoughts of others.

That is why a well-written summary is the key to success in the exam and in professional activities. Study all aspects of proper note-taking, then you will learn to work at lectures effectively and with pleasure. And now share with your fellow student how to make a summary of the lesson.

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