How to make a table?

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How to make a table?

Finding a table that is perfect for the interior is sometimes quite difficult, and an individual order can be expensive. If these two problems overtook you, then our article will be very helpful. In this article we will explain how to make a table with your own hands, what tools you need, and what else should be taken into account when making this piece of furniture yourself.

Table view

In order to more specifically determine the design and materials, it is necessary to choose the type of table that you want to use. This may be a dining table, coffee table, cottage or computer table. Detailed instructions for making the latter can be found here. In our article we will consider the general theory of manufacturing on the example of a dinner table.

Material selection

As a rule, the dining table is often also used in the process of cooking. In this regard, you need to make it so that it was comfortable for him to dine and cook comfortably.Table

The main and most difficult element of any table is the tabletop.It is best made from a one-piece furniture plate, which can be bought in the store. The size of the table top can be determined both by the availability of free space in the room, and per person. The width per person is 50 - 60 cm, and in depth - 30 - 40 cm.

For the legs in the simplest version, you can use a wooden bar with a section of 40 x 40 mm and a length equal to the required height of the table. It is necessary to saw off the timber perfectly evenly so that the table does not swing. You can also use ready-made table legs made of carved wood.


Depending on what materials you choose to make the table, you may need a different set of tools. However, the most versatile set will be: a tape measure, screwdriver, jigsaw, grinder and circular saw. You will also need a set of fittings and fasteners (metal corners, screws, wood screws).

Preparation of materials


The first step is to prepare the countertop. If you want to make a sliding table with inserts, then you need to mark the length of each part and cut the tabletop using a circular saw.For a more reliable connection of the parts of the table among themselves, you can install wooden pins in the ends of the table top. Edge of the cut must be treated with emery cloth. To prevent moisture from entering the surface of the tabletop, it is necessary to process the sawing with wood stain or wood varnish.

The wooden legs of the table are also better treated with some wood protection composition. In the upper part of the legs, it is necessary to make a hole for the stud and nut, with which we will attach the leg to the table box.

The support box is assembled in the form of a rectangle or square from the boards placed on the edge. In the corners they can be fastened together with the help of single corners and screws. Also in the corners of the support box, you must make a hole for the pin for attaching the leg.

Table assembly

  • At the beginning, it is necessary to mark the boundaries of the support box on the table top and attach this box with the help of angles and screws around the perimeter with an interval of 25 to 30 cm.Table
  • For the sliding table in these bars along the movement of the tabletops channels should be provided, and on the tabletop corresponding runners.
  • The legs of the table, as a rule, are attached to the support box also with the help of corners or studs with nuts.For a more convenient screwing in the screws in the first case, it is necessary to prepare for them with a drill a seat 1-2 mm smaller than the diameter of the screw itself.
  • If the table support is a stand in the center of the tabletop, then it is very easy to fix it with screws using a circle, but at the same time it is very important to install it exactly in the center of the circle.

How to make the table beautiful

In order for the table to look like a real author's work, it is important to combine quality materials, original decor elements and a reliable design.TableFor example, you can use some unusual things (hemp, vases, tires, stones) as a support. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos on how to make a table from a variety of materials. Ultimately, the appearance of the table, its design and functionality depend only on your carpentry skills and imagination.

If you are thinking about how to make a table with your own hands out of glass, then I would like to say that it is very difficult and better to use the services of a workshop to make such a table at home. But you can also order only a glass tabletop, and legs to make yourself.

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