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Tobacco smoking has become very popular five centuries ago, and today, it does not intend to give up their positions. Paradoxically, but during this time the tubes themselves have not changed much. A modern tube consists of three parts - a mouthpiece, a bowl and a pipe, which is connected to the cup as a whole. In the bowl is a tobacco chamber, in which, in fact, smoldering tobacco. Smoke enters the chimney through a small hole that is located at the base of our bowl. Chubuk connects with mouthpieces using a nest. The nest is a special hole into which the neck of the mouthpiece itself is inserted. Flowing through the chimney, the smoke enters the mouthpiece, and then into the mouth of the smoker. Smoking pipes can be of different shapes. Bowls and mouthpieces with mouthpieces can also boast an abundance of shapes.

If you are a supporter of hand-made production of such a device, before you make a handset, you need to consider one thing: should it be with or without a filter? Filters, as a rule, do not affect the taste of tobacco. In low-cost types of pipes in the place where the mouthpiece is joined to the chuck you can see a small cylinder (spiral) known as an evaporator.It is designed to cool the smoke, and also collects tar, and thus, makes the smoke on the order of land. True, the evaporator is ineffective and the resins that quickly accumulate on it have a specific smell that spoils the taste of tobacco in the pipe.

It is no secret that, while burning in a pipe, the taste of tobacco and, as a result, the sensations of a smoker are noticeably enhanced. But in order for the taste to be fully revealed, the smoking pipe must be made of a suitable material and also have a special shape. A hand-made tube is often considered the most correct one. How to make a pipe and what is needed for this? Let's talk on this topic.


In order to make a smoking pipe yourself, you need the following materials: sandpaper, wax, pencil, brush, file, drilling machine or any other device for drilling, alcohol-based paint, band saw. If all this is available, you can begin to manufacture our tube.

In order to make a tube with our own hands, we first need to draw a diagram of the tube on a piece of briar using a pencil. Briard - the best material for the manufacture of the tube.Over time, the gentle fibers of the briar are saturated with a variety of minerals, and most importantly, with silicon, which makes the briar resistant to high temperatures. It should be noted that the older the material selected for the tube, the higher its quality, of course. It can absorb moisture better, heats up much less and is much stronger.

Now we need to cut our briar tube with the help of a file. Having the outline drawn earlier, it is not so difficult to do this. Now we do not need to dwell on fine details, we focus on the form. We must not forget that the length of the tube must be at least 15 cm.

Next, drill a hole in the tube. You need to drill at low speeds, periodically removing the drill from our briar. Otherwise, the briar will simply start to burn, and nobody needs it. You do not need to drill the smoke channel completely, because when we drill the tobacco chamber, you can miss a little. Therefore, you need to leave at least a few millimeters from the estimated depth of the smoke channel. If your tube is with a mouthpiece, in this case, you need to make a hole in it so that the drill comes out from the back of the workpiece.

Knowing how to make a pipe for smoking, it is equally important to know how to give it an aesthetic look. To do this, cover the tube with any color you like. For coloring, you should use a small brush made from natural material. After the paint dries, polish our tube with wax.

Materials for tubes

In addition to the briar tube can be made of foam (meerschaum), which is a lightweight porous white material. It can also withstand high temperatures. Turkey is the most important supplier of the meerschaum. Its deposits are located at a depth of 200-300 meters under the ground. This foam is also mined in Africa, but it is not white, but reddish or pale brown. And also has a lower quality. Meershaum is a very malleable material for the manufacture of the tube, which does not require any special refinement. Also, a smoking pipe can be made from special corn cobs. The bowl is a part of the cob, which has a slotted core. A wooden stick is used for the mouthpiece.

Today in the shops you can find a lot of tubes made from pears, cherries and other types of wood.These pipes can also be used for smoking, but in their qualities they are significantly inferior to a good briar. Wood itself has a specific flavor that affects the aroma and taste of tobacco. It is faster saturated with moisture and heats up much more.

You can also find pipes made of porcelain, clay. But they are used as souvenirs, not for smoking. Buying a phone is easier and faster, but making a phone with your own hands is much nicer, and then enjoying your work to the full.

Smoking pipe

Using a pipe for smoking is nothing more than conscious consumption of tobacco, which brings pleasure to a smoker, and is not at all like smoking a regular cigarette. This process has its own aesthetics and aura. Often you can enjoy the tube at the moment when you just want to relax or reflect. Many famous people loved, and love to this day, to enjoy the pipe smoking. This hobby is considered beautiful and noble, and also represents a certain philosophy of the relation of the person to life. She received the greatest popularity thanks to Sherlock Holmes, who adored tobacco and always appeared in front of the reader in his image of a magnificent detective with an indispensable attribute - a pipe.However, in any case, do not forget about the tremendous harm that you do to your body during moments of smoking.

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