How to make a turtle?

Even in antiquity, turtles were known and highly esteemed, since three whales, who were then believed to hold the Earth, were standing on a huge tortoise. For many peoples of the world, turtles belong to cult creatures, therefore it is widely believed that they bring good luck to the house.

If you do not know how to make a turtle and from what, then the easiest way to do this is to take paper. There are several ways and techniques to make a paper turtle. Let's see exactly what they differ in and what materials are needed.

Origami technique

In the framework of this technique is the easiest way to make a bug. For its production you will need just a sheet of paper.

  • Take a sheet, bend it twice diagonally: for this you need to fold it in the form of a triangle in different directions.
  • After that, fold the upper right corner in the direction of the lower left corner, departing from the intended line about 1 cm.
  • Next you need to fold the workpiece in half and bend its corner, thus making the head of a turtle. Finished crafts can be painted on your own.

Colored paper turtle


The presented method does not have any particular difficulties, so you can safely make such a bug with your even 2-3-year-old children - it will be interesting and fun for them. Now we will tell you how to make a tortoise with your own hands out of colored paper, and what is useful for this. So, you will need:

  • sheets of colored paper;
  • template for making a turtle;
  • white cardboard;
  • black gouache paint;
  • plasticine;
  • cotton wool;
  • scissors;
  • PVA and glue brush;
  • as well as the usual cotton swab and a simple pencil;
  • You can use all kinds of sequins, leaves, flowers, etc. for decoration.

Instructions for making

  1. We need to take three sheets of colored paper of red, orange and green colors, circle three circles in a pattern and cut out. The circles must be of different sizes: the largest is red, the smallest is green.
  2. On the cardboard, one should also circle the outline of the bug on the template and cut it out - this will be its torso.
  3. To collect the shell, used colored circles and clay. You need to put a small piece of clay in the middle of the body, slightly flatten it, spread it with glue and attach the largest circle (red).
  4. Then we repeat the actions: put a piece of plasticine on the red circle, press it, smear it with glue and apply the orange circle, and the next piece of plasticine - green. Thus, the shell is ready. To make it more voluminous, you can use a larger number of "layers".
  5. We make eyes out of cotton, glue them and make black dots on them, with the help of paint and a brush. For paws, you can use the leaves. If desired, you can decorate the turtle, and it is ready!

Quilling technique

Let's take a look at how to make a paper turtle using this technique.


As for the materials, you will need:

  • special paper for quilling (in three colors: yellow, brown and green),
  • a toothpick or a match with a dissected tip (for coiling paper “rolls”),
  • PVA glue.

Instructions for making

  1. The paper should be cut into strips 3 mm wide and at least 63 mm long.
  2. Using a toothpick or a match, we twist a few basic shapes that will be used to make a bug.
  3. So that they do not unwind, the ends must be sealed with glue. Ordinary thick “rolls” for paws are made of brown paper, a droplet for the head and a large “roll” body are made of green paper, and square rolls for armor (2 pcs.) Are made of yellow paper.
  4. For the assembly and fastening is used PVA.

These are the ways we can get a bug. Which way you choose depends on your preferences, but they are all worthy of attention.

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