How to make a website?

Now many are trying to create your site. Someone wants to write about cooking, someone is thinking about a technical blog, and some about a gaming site for game reviews. There can be lots of options, right up for the blog of your favorite kitty. Not every person, and especially not every newbie in computers knows how the Internet works and how to make these magical sites in it so that they are accessible to a wide circle of people, or rather the whole world.

I am ready to please you. How to make a beautiful site? To create a site in our time is as simple a task as, for example, to register on a social network. Of course, such a personal page will not be immediately visited, filled with all sorts of beautiful and fashionable effects, but all this can be achieved almost immediately after reading our article. So, let's begin.

A little about how to make a website.

Let's start with the theory. What is now understood as a site is a file on the server (a special computer with software that allows you to go to the address and receive a response from a specific port) in html format.What is html? This is a special format for the layout of tests to be displayed in your browser. This concept is rather incomplete, but it seems to me that this is clearer. That is, the text itself contains the text itself, as well as special elements that our browser perceives (a program for viewing Internet pages. Through it, you are now reading this text). This paragraph, we killed two birds with one stone. Now you not only know how to make a website on the Internet, but also need to understand how it all works and what it consists of.

How to make a website from scratch? HTML is a markup language. But how do we create scripts, for example, an input page? For these purposes, you can use popular programming languages. Almost all of them have a module that allows you to create scripts to process messages from your web pages. Now the most popular language for this is PHP. It was originally created to create web pages. Almost all of the most visited sites you created using this technology.

Probably you have already wondered about the fact that I promised the possibility of creating a site for a beginner even in the beginning of the article, and now I'm talking about some incomprehensible programming languages.How to be in this situation to the normal user far from similar technologies? You need to use a ready-made system to create web pages. Such scripts are called CMS, which stands for “content management system”. There are a lot of good, and most importantly, free cms-scripts that will help you create a website, set up a template, make comments, and also solve the problem with the administration of the whole thing.

How to make a website on the Internet using cms

For this you will need a hosting service, as well as the cms system itself, the choice of which we will now deal with. As already mentioned, there are a huge variety of content management systems and each of them is suitable for a specific task. So try to decide what kind of focus will reveal your site. If on your page you just want to post your photos or maybe photos of your cat, diluting these pictures with any arguments and thoughts, then I recommend you to download WordPress cms. This script will allow you to create a really convenient and functional blog in the shortest possible time.

“No, no, no,” you tell me, “No seals. I want a whole portal! With a forum, news and videos! And the like can be created as easily as a blog. There are a huge number of scripts that were originally intended to create such sites. I recommend two to you: PhpFusion and Drupal. Both systems are convenient and easy to set up.

Let's talk about hosting, about which something slipped in the beginning of the paragraph. Hosting issue hosting companies. It sounds trite. Hosting is the provision of a computer server or a part of it for you to host your web page or other software. On the Internet there are both paid and free hosting. First place your site for certain conditions, for example, you will need to provide advertising space. In paid hosting these conditions usually do not happen, but as the name implies, you have to pay money. I would advise, nevertheless, to allocate 100 rubles per month to your website and use the services of paid hosting. This solution will help you in the future to keep all the data and to have a connection with competent technical support, which will assist you not only in matters related to tariff plans, but also with the site itself and its configuration.

How to make a website from scratch - easy way

If you don’t understand anything, then I’ll tell you how to make a website without installing / configuring all sorts of complex scripts, without buying hosting, and in general, without using all these complex words. To do this, there are special systems that, after a simple registration with the name of the site and its future address, create a full-fledged page that can be easily customized and not encountered anything that these complex words html and php carry.

I recommend you a similar system - Just go to this page, click the "Create Site" button and in a couple of minutes you will have your own page on the Internet. How to make a video site? How to make the site visible? The easiest answer is to register with this system.

After registration, you will be presented with a huge administrative panel, which, when you see it for the first time, will run into your eyes. This construct will allow you to create anything from a simple website to a whole entertainment portal, with its own philosophy, unique design, as well as video hosting.

I advise you to spend as much time as possible on viewing the administrative panel and get acquainted with each item.It is possible that you will find something of your own that you would like to see on your personal page on the Internet.

How to attract users

Most users come to the site from a search engine. Therefore, in order for you to be visited by as many people as possible, you need to create a unique website with information that is really interesting to people. Do not copy content from other sites. Try to write everything yourself. As soon as you have a good archive of materials, users will find your resource in search engines. More stuff - more users.

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