How to make an inscription on the cake at home?

Cake is a delicious dessert, which is also pleasing to the eye. Often, some hostesses on any holiday will want to feel like an experienced pastry chef. As a rule, most people prefer freshly baked homemade cakes. Every person wants his cake to be original, exquisite and the best in the world!

After you have baked a pastry, you probably want to make a gorgeous inscription on the cake at home. It will be especially difficult to create inscriptions for beginners, but if you put maximum effort and patience, then everything will definitely work out.

happy birthday cakes

The solemn and elegant inscription on this dessert conveys the magical atmosphere of the holiday. Let's find out how to make the inscription on the cake correctly so that later there will be no disappointment.

Cream cake

In order to build an inscription, of course, you will need a gentle cream that can not only give the cake a zest, but also emphasize the theme of the event.The inscriptions on the cakes "Happy Birthday!" will cause unprecedented delight in both adults and children.

Below we provide the recipe for the simplest, but gentle cream. We will need:

  • 250 grams of butter;
  • 400 grams of condensed milk.


In the softened butter it is necessary to pour condensed milk in small portions. The main rule: the mixture should not be watery.

Then take the pastry syringe and pick up the nozzle. Then we fill it with ready cream and we are engaged in "engraving".

In order to make an inscription on a colored cake, you need to add a food coloring to the cream. In his role, for example, can make cocoa.

The way to decorate the cake

But the light on the cream did not come together. You can also decorate the cake with fudge. For its preparation it is necessary to mix sugar and milk in a ratio of two to one and bring the mixture to a boil. Then cook the solution until thick. Fondant with proper preparation should not spread.

the inscription on the cake

After cooling the mass, you can start drawing.

Prepare the cake. It can be sprinkled with crumb, covered with a layer of cream, icing or sugar mastic. To make the inscription neat, write it first with a toothpick.

Nozzles for a syringe are so diverse that it creates the opportunity to create wonderful ornaments and drawings of various shapes and lengths.

Creative lettering

Here are some funny inscriptions on the cakes:

  • "May you live happily ever after!",
  • “Dear, nice, glorious - how much is fulfilled, this is not the main thing”,
  • "Again - twenty-five!"

Also exciting and funny inscriptions can be chosen for the birthday of your beloved child. In addition, your baby will not remain indifferent if you also decorate the cake with characters from his favorite cartoon.

Basic rules for writing

In order to perform the inscription on the cake correctly, it is necessary to take into account a few simple conditions.

It must be remembered that after making a cake, an inscription is first made. And then all the other decorations are added.

how to make an inscription on the cake

Also, make sure that the selected inscription is clear, fits well on the cake, looks harmonious and is not closed by elements.

If an oversight happened to you or you made a mistake, then do not worry - it is easy to fix it. You can easily remove any part of the decor if desired.

For the inscription is not recommended to choose too long words and sentences.

Attention! The transfer on the cake looks extremely untidy, so you should not resort to it. Because of this, you do not need to take long words like “nineteen years” for writing.

Make the inscription on the pastry so that it is short, but meaningful. Remember that brevity is the sister of talent.

In addition, you can make a preliminary sketch of the label. So you can think of the ideal accommodation.

To ensure that the inscription is located exactly, it is necessary to draw a little guide lines with the help of toothpicks. Do not worry that the lines will be visible. In any case, you can cover them with letters.

Certainly unacceptable spelling and punctuation errors on the cake. The inscriptions on the cakes "Happy Birthday" will attract the birthday boy. It is also appropriate to write the name of the hero of the occasion.

inscriptions on the cakes are cool

It is important that there is a color contrast between the cake and the cream. For example, if the cake is white, then the light inscription will be poorly distinguishable. It is better to opt for a cream of a dark shade.

Construction of the correct inscription

So, how to make an inscription on the cake at home, so that it looks fascinating? As a cream, you can also use mastic or protein mass.

For the construction of the correct and beautiful inscriptions can be applied mastic. To do this, you need to do it yourself and wait for it to harden a little. After that, cut the mastic on thin flagella and make a creative inscription from them.

If you want to make the inscription chocolate chips, you can use a stencil. This option will look impressive, impressive and unforgettable! In addition, an excellent inscription can be made using candied fruit, berries and nuts. The words that are made with pastry beads look very mysterious on the cake.

For a start, let's figure out what ways and with what help you can put an inscription.


The inscription can be applied using a special cooking syringe, which can be purchased at a household store.

the inscription on the cake at home

Another ideal way of applying letters is to use a stencil. It is necessary to put the right words on it and gently put it on the cake. It is necessary to lift the stencil with all care so as not to damage the inscription.This option is the easiest and most convenient, but nevertheless observe accuracy and do not allow sudden movements in this matter.

How to write the letters on the cake?

Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in writing is the writing of letters on the surface of the cake itself. It would seem that anyone can write, but remember that you don’t have a pen in your hands, but a syringe or cornet. What to do in this case? Sweet tooth will help out savvy!

To the inscription on the cake came out elegant and neat, it must be printed in advance in a text editor in a computer. You can choose a different size and font of letters.

Then it is necessary to put a piece of baking paper on a piece of paper and fasten it. After that, along the contours of the letters, it is necessary to make an inscription, for example, with butter or chocolate cream.

This workpiece must be put in the freezer and wait until it hardens. Then, using a spatula, carefully remove it and decorate the finished cake.

make an inscription on the cake at home

In addition, there is a variant of the mirror inscription. In this case, the frozen paper with letters should just be turned over and lightly pressed to the dessert. Voila - it turned out an exquisite product and no longer have to worry about how to make an inscription on the cake.


Be sure that with the correct execution of the inscription, it will certainly attract the views of all the guests and not leave anyone indifferent!

In conclusion, I would like to say that the inscription on the cake is the brightest and most creative element, so it is necessary to approach its implementation with extreme responsibility!

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