How to make crackers?

Preparing a bread mixture with your own hands is not at all difficult if you have the desire and some free time. Often, for cooking various dishes, housewives use breadcrumbs. They are almost always bought in finished form. But, in their own performance, they get much tastier. So, how to make breadcrumbs at home?

How to make breadcrumbs

  • You can quickly prepare breadcrumbs from the remaining dryers in your home. First we take the hub, and, with its help, grind the drying into small pieces. Now we need a coffee grinder. Put in it the previously crushed drying, and grind it in for 1 minute. We put our mixture of dryers in a separate plate. Add dried celery, parsley and dill. Our breadcrumbs are ready to use.
  • There is another way to prepare a breading mixture, similar to the factory one. To do this, use crackers instead of drying. The most important rule of success in this matter lies in the fact that the rusks themselves are not sweet.In this mixture, in contrast to the first, there are both pluses and minuses. The advantages include: small costs for cooking and baking flavor. The downside is that by putting them in a coffee grinder, you can break it. So, preparing such a breading mixture only in the manual large hub. When the mixture is ready, you can add a little hot black pepper.
  • Let's tell how to make breadcrumbs from loaves. To begin with, we buy toasts or diet bread, which, undoubtedly, should be crispy. Crush bread with a small hub. In the resulting mixture add a little dried greens, which is identical to the one that was added in the previous method. Such a breading mixture is the easiest to prepare. And since the loaves in its composition include many different elements useful for your body, such a mixture is considered the most useful.
  • The classic way to make crackers in the oven from bread is as follows. If it so happened that there were no loaves, crackers or dryers at home, and you just need breadcrumbs - do not despair! There is another way to prepare this mixture at home.For this we need a couple of slices of white bread, which will always be at hand, which we send them to the oven. Heat them until a brown crust is formed on them. Usually this process takes about 15 - 20 minutes. Then, grind the resulting crackers in small pieces. Mix this mixture with pepper, herbs and seasoning. The bread is now ready for use.

How to make crackers for beer

Cutting and roasting bread, we get homemade crackers. Cooked croutons can be from white as well as from black bread. To extend the shelf life of bread or products made from it, you can just recycle it into crackers. Preparing crackers you can add to them a variety of natural spices, herbs and even garlic. This will give them a special taste. Such rusks are good as a separate, independent dish. And also they are perfect as an additive to various dishes, such as soup, salad or beer. Consider in detail how to make crackers at home. You will need:

  • Bread (suitable and white and rye) - 500 g
  • Vegetable oil (needed to give crackers crisp) - 4 tbsp.
  • Garlic (about 3 - 4 cloves).

We turn on our oven and heat it up to the maximum - about 250 degrees. As he warms up, we cut bread into large cubes. Next, do the following:

  • Squeeze the garlic and mix it with 2 tablespoons. vegetable oil in a deep bowl.
  • Put bread in this bowl. Pour over 2 tablespoons. oil evenly distributing it on the bread.
  • Then gently mix the contents of the bowl with your hands. Oil should be evenly absorbed in all facets of bread, this is the whole point of the process. Do not add more oil, even if you think that it is not enough. After all, we ensure that the croutons have a crisp crust.
  • Cover the baking paper with baking sheet and place on it.
  • Open a well preheated oven and in a quick motion send it to a cooked pan with crackers. Be careful not to release a lot of heat when opening the oven. Further - easier than ever. At a temperature of 250 degrees fry crackers for about 5 minutes. After that, turn off the oven without opening the door, let them dry until the oven is completely cooled. This method will help to achieve complete drying of our crackers inside, while they already have time to cover with a crust, which will be nice to crunch.
  • A lot of things depend on the oven itself, so it is recommended to experiment a little. The gas oven, in contrast to the electric, cools faster, so increase the cooking time. At first, adjust to the oven. After 5 minutes check the result. If the croutons browned, you can turn off the oven. Otherwise, return and wait for the allotted time.

Now you know how to make bread crumbs on your own. Please the crispy and delicious rusks of your household!

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