How to make ice cream at home?

As soon as summer comes, each of us strives to freshen up in any way we can. In the course are soft drinks, juices and ice cream. The latter is the most popular delicacy in the summer season. And not only children buy ice cream, but also a large number of adults. Such popularity is quite understandable, especially since the variety on the shelves is simply amazing. However, manufacturers do not always think about how to make ice cream efficiently, so sometimes the ingredients leave much to be desired. You can make such a treat at home.

how to make ice creamCold sweetness

Now we will talk about how to make ice cream at home. The recipe of cooking is very simple and depends only on your taste. Of course, if you want to prepare cold sweetness quickly, then the only way is to freeze the juice. It will turn out not too tasty, but quickly and very simply, because besides the juice in the ice cream there will be no other ingredients.Such ice cream is not uncommon in stores, but at the enterprises it is made with the addition of dyes, so you should not buy such options. And those housewives who want to know how to make ice cream with a more complex composition can use our to make ice creamThere are many options for making cold treats. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want to get a result as soon as possible, you can offer recipes using the ice cream maker. Honestly, it is difficult to call them recipes, since all the main ingredients are simply poured into a special device that will do everything for you. You will only need to cool the resulting ice cream. It will be completely identical to the store (to taste), but not every housewife can afford such a technique, so we’ll take a closer look at the question of how to make ice cream by yourself. First, determine the ingredients, as well as what kind of delicacy we want to cook. We offer you two simple recipes. So, prepare chocolate ice cream and "creme brulee"! Ingredients need a little.

What is necessary?

Now consider the way to make ice cream yourself. Take a bar of milk chocolate, cream, half a glass of milk and three tablespoons of sugar. First you need to melt the chocolate in milk. To do this, heat the milk (but so that it does not boil), break the chocolate into slices to dissolve faster, and stir until a homogeneous mass. Next, it should be cooled and add well whipped cream. The resulting mass is poured into forms and put in the freezer until fully cured. For the preparation of creme brulee ice cream we take a can of condensed milk (not boiled), 500 milliliters of cream, two tablespoons of strong cognac. The recipe is simpler than the first. You only need to mix all the ingredients to a uniform consistency, and can be poured into to make ice cream yourselfAs you can see, there are many ways to make ice cream, and they are all available. Delicious cold treat will delight you and your loved ones!

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