How to make knives with your own hands

The knife is easy to buy. Depending on the appearance and manufacturer, the price will vary within certain limits. The choice is huge, but, if necessary, and the availability of appropriate materials and tools, it is easy to make knives with your own hands. The main thing is not to be afraid. Even if the first knife is unsuccessful, then do not despair. The experience is not acquired immediately. Skills for any business take root gradually. A good knife with an original handle and blade has a considerable price.

knives with your own hands

Basic requirements for knives

To any knife presented a number of requirements. It should be sharp and not dull in the process of prolonged use. If the handle is conveniently located in the hand, then during long-term work, it will not fill a callus, and the hand itself will not be tired. The hard blade guarantees precise cuts, which is important when cooking, especially salads. Its length completely overlap the cutting zone, then it will be difficult to get hurt. Most often injured by blunt and uncomfortable tools.Therefore, homemade knives, made by hand, have a specific purpose and meet the basic requirements.

homemade knives do it yourself

Overview of knives as intended

Of all the diversity, there are several basic types:

  • For cutting food when cooking. These are the most common knives, in the kitchen any hostess has kits with which to work in the kitchen. The shape of kitchen knives most often represents an elongated triangle, often they are sold in the form of sets. They differ in blade length, and the handles are made in the same style.
  • Dining knives. Used for cutting food before eating, making sandwiches, separating bones from meat, cutting bones from fruits, removing peels or peels from fruits or vegetables, etc. A special feature of these knives is the rounded blade, it reduces the danger when used at the table.
  • A knife for a tourist (hunter, fisherman) is a universal product; they can cut meat or fish, use it for turning and cutting branches, and defend themselves when attacking, for example, wild animals. Often these knives with their own hands are made in advance and take with them.For special conditions, sometimes they make ax knives, which can be used to cut branches and small trees, and also to prepare firewood.
  • Knives, machetes have an important purpose in cutting through passages in the jungle or forest, they are also used in the preparation of sugar cane, and in Russia they are used in the preparation of bath brooms for a bath.
  • Combat knives are designed for applying piercing and chopping blows when fighting with the enemy. They are distinguished by an elongated blade made of a sufficiently thick plate. To increase the susceptibility of such knives, a part of the blade is made with teeth, which, upon stabbing, forms a ragged wound, which increases blood loss even with a slight injury. To prevent the handle from slipping out of the palm when struck, such knives with their hands are made with an emphasis. The second purpose of the stop is to protect the hand during hand-to-hand combat. In a special class knives stand out for inflicting stabbing. Their types are: dirk, stylet, dagger, Finn, sharpening and shortened peak. These knives belong to cold weapons. The Criminal Code provides for punishment for their manufacture, sale and storage.Therefore, it is worth thinking about their manufacture before the start of the work itself.
  • The bayonets represent a special group of combat knives, designed to be mounted on a shaft or a firearm. Previously, only piercing blows could be applied with a bayonet. Modern bayonets can be applied and chopping.
  • Throwing knives are designed to participate in sports, as well as - by analogy with combat knives - in real combat. These knives are rarely decorated with any complex handles, they are often primitive in shape, which allows to reduce aerodynamic drag in flight. The range of damage with a throwing knife reaches 12–15 m, the appearance of the wave non-recourse technique of throwing knives (Russian invention) equalizes them with the effectiveness of a strike with a pistol. Throwing knives with their own hands is the easiest to make, but the criminal liability for their production is similar to that in combat.

do-it-yourself knives

A short list of types, of course, can not cover all the features in the use of knives. He gives a general idea, conforming to which, you can decide on the type of knives for self-production.

Choice of a form for a knife

From 1987 to 1988, an international knife competition was held. It was presented over 9 thousand different species. The examination was carried out according to different criteria for their use. It turned out that the most universal form belongs to the Indian design of the Huron tribe. If you wish to make a knife with your own hands, special attention should be paid to this form.

Handle materials

The handle is an integral part of the knife. The use of fine wood is most preferable. You can use thermosetting plastics, they are not afraid of heat and have an attractive appearance. Some craftsmen use combined sets of materials, which allows them to make not just knives, but real works of art.

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